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PreK or Kindergarten?

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 638296 1:35 pm
by sel79
My son is 4 and his birthday is August 28. I do not know if I should start him in PreK or Kindergarten. I did not start him late year in PreK because I was pregnant and did not know if PE would rare it's ugly head again. Thankfully it did not, but now I do not know where I should start him. If only he was born in November (His Due Date) the discussion would be already made for me. Now his birthday is like 5 days before the cutoff.

My question is to all the parents that faced or facing this discussion. If your child has a late birthday like August would you start him in PreK or Kindergarten?

I do plan of doing one or two of the Kindergarten Readiness Test. I still would like some input.