PreK or Kindergarten?

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mikeys mom
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Re : PreK or Kindergarten?

Postby mikeys mom » Wed Mar 11, 638296 12:09 pm

I also agree with waiting. I feel lucky that my son was born in December and I didn't have to make that decision! My son that was born in July was not a preemie and there is a definite difference between the two.

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Re : PreK or Kindergarten?

Postby ria » Fri Feb 28, 638296 10:43 pm

We struggled with this with our daughter (Nov. birthday but was born 2 months early) and went ahead and let her start Kindergarten. We have a Dec. 1 cut-off here in CA. Academically, she has met all of her benchmarks, but emotionally and socially she has struggled. She is smaller than her peers and is young, so we've decided to do Kindergarten again but at a different school. I truly believe there is no reason to rush a child through school unless he/she is ready both academically and socially. As a middle/high school teacher, I can't tell you how many of the younger boys and girls struggle when their peers develop before them, drive before them, etc. It's an individual decision for each family, but in my experience...waiting has seemed to be the best.

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Re : PreK or Kindergarten?

Postby annes » Fri Feb 28, 638296 9:29 pm

Just chiming in, my son will be 5 in July and we decided last year to wait on kindergarten and start pre-K this coming fall. We are really happy with the decision so far. He was really not ready for pre-K last year, just not that interested in his letters, numbers etc... We would rather have him be a little older than his classmates going into Kindergarten, he's a little small and has some trouble sitting still. So for us, an extra year of getting ready for school is a good idea. Good Luck.

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Re : PreK or Kindergarten?

Postby amiejo » Fri Feb 28, 638296 5:25 pm

I am on the side with waiting to enter kindergarten if the birthday is in the summer. Most kids in Kindergarten turn 6 within the first half of the year, so he will most likely be with kids almost a full year older than him if he does go to kindergarten. Working in the schools, it is more often than not that the kids (especially boys) with summer birthdays are more likely to be struggling (academically and/or socially) in the early grades. Obviously, I don't know your son so if he is very mature compared to others his age and very strong with pre-academic skills, then you may consider sending him on. I would look more at the social part than the academic part. If not, I would think it would be better to consider PreK or if there is a transitional kindergarten in your area, that may be a good option. Some transitional kindergartens really focus on kindergarten skills more so than PreK and the kids are usually 5 years old or turning 5 in the fall.

Good luck on your decision...I know it is a tough one!

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Re : PreK or Kindergarten?

Postby frasiah » Fri Feb 28, 638296 5:20 pm

My daughter will be going for a second year of Pre-K and we struggled with this. Finally, we decided on letting her do pre-K again and she will be 6 when she starts Kinder next year. In any case, had she been born in September, she would have missed the cut-off date and would be going to PreK this fall at 5 and Kinder at 6 next year. Also like someone said, it can never hurt to hold them back as opposed to letting them go on and have trouble later on down the education road. Finally, we are also considering doing some testing after she turns 5 (so sometime this summer) since she does show delay in some areas. At the end, it all depends on each individual child.

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Re : PreK or Kindergarten?

Postby deerhart » Tue Feb 18, 638296 12:23 am

We are wishing that our soon to be 6 yo (and entering K) was already through with K and going to 1st grade!
So the exact opposite for us (he's an Oct b-day). Part of it is that he's into stuff a bit older then him and is much bigger then most kids going into kindy. So he's going to be bigger then them and a bit more sophisticated to manipulate them *sigh*. We have already warned the school to start planning for him (as has his big bro!) =)

kelly w
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Re : PreK or Kindergarten?

Postby kelly w » Mon Feb 17, 638296 7:32 pm

Sonja is right - I have an August boy [also due later!] and we held off on the K for an extra year. It hasn't hurt him at all.

Boys tend to be less mature [as a gross generalization] and are less likely to do well with early K.

My oldest is a girl and she has a Sept bday also very close to the cut off. I wish in hindsight that we'd waited a year with her too, but her being the first and all... well, we had to push to get her excelling academically. LOL! ;) [Now we know better. ;) ]


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Re : PreK or Kindergarten?

Postby adgirl » Mon Feb 17, 638296 5:12 pm

My son is July 1st -- he's turning 4 this year, but will be 5 next year in plenty of time for the cutoff. He is FULL of energy. He is in a learning center already for daycare, and next year will be in their preK program. The following year, when he has just turned 5, we're going to have him do preK again (probably at a different school so he doesn't get too bored). Then, he'll start kindergarten right after he turns 6.

We have made the decision partly b/c of his current inability to sit still (which may well change by 5), and also just on the idea of him being behind the other kids in his class in size and maturity as he gets older. My husband was on the young end of the spectrum and was always small and did everything last - ie, driving, dating etc. Almost a full year after some of his friends. It also was a hindrence for sports. The other kids had a full year on him!

My son is already well ahead of his peers on academics, but he is still a little boy and I don't want him struggling and getting into lots of trouble in kinder just b/c he's being a boy. I think the extra year will be great for him to mature a little more. I have looked at it from both sides, and the only negative I can see to holding him back a year is that he might be bored at first. We'll just work with the school to be sure they give him plenty to do!

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Re : PreK or Kindergarten?

Postby brooklynsmom » Mon Feb 17, 638296 4:17 pm

I second what Sonja said!:) It will usually (again, this is said w/o knowing your son) not hurt a child, especially a boy to wait a year to mature a little.

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Re : PreK or Kindergarten?

Postby sonja » Mon Feb 17, 638296 1:55 pm

I obviously don't know your son, so what I have to say is totally general. I think that it is often wise to wait an extra year to start Kindergarten when kids are so close to the cut off - especially for boys. My daughter is in Kindergarten this year and it is not the nice, sweet place that it was when we were in school - the standards just keep getting pushed down the line and lots more is expected of Kindergarteners then it used to be. The reason I say "especially boys" is that often boys are a bit more immature and restless than girls. (I used to always say that it took one and a half girls to equal the energy of the boys in my classroom when I taught first grade). It is always my thought that you would want your child to have the most opportunities possible and be at the head of the class instead of struggling at the back. Now, like I said, I don't know your son, so what I am saying is really general. You have to do what is right for your family. Some schools can help you with this decision - I know that one of the neighboring school districts tests all incoming K's in May to see where they are at. You might want to call your local school to see if you can meet with someone to discuss enrolling in Kindergarten or waiting.

Best of luck with your decision.

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