Postpartum Preeclampsia Anyone?

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Re : Postpartum Preeclampsia Anyone?

Postby tammy » Wed Mar 31, 2004 06:28 pm

I was 8 days postpartum visiting my son in the nicu when I saw a doctor from from obgyn's office and I asked if I should be seen earlier since I had Pe and my PP visit was scheduled for 4 weeks PP and she said stop in Monday. Well 10 days PP I was rushed back to L&D to be placed on a mag drip and hospialized for 4 days. my pressure was higher then when they decided to induce me. I felt horrible the whole week after my son was born, but I thought it was the fact that I hadn't rested and was traveling back and forth to the hospital to visit. THEY told me delivery was the cure, boy is that not always the case. I am currenlty 5 months PP and continue on b/p meds, but I am on a slightly lower dosage then I was 3 months ago.


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Re : Postpartum Preeclampsia Anyone?

Postby » Wed Mar 31, 2004 06:15 pm

I too had PIH prior to the birth of my son which spiraled out of control 2 days postpartum. I was rushed back to the emergency room with severe preeclampsia with raging blood pressue 220-170. I was hospitalized for 1 week 2 days in ICU. It took me a full 12 weeks for my blood pressure to stabalize and many months to heal emotionally. I still deal with anxiety about my health as this disease totally blindsides you. I have no history of high BP. My son was born 9/01. It took a long time to get the guts up to try again. We have now been trying for 15 months with no luck. I am teriified of going through that experience again. But the joy my son has bought into my life has given me the guts to keep trying. When and if I have another positive pregnancy test I am going to be so happy yet very scared. When you lose the blissful ignorance of pregnancy and see the potential complications I think it changes you forever. Good Luck and keep trying there are amazing women and great support on this site. I wish I had found it in 2001!

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Re : Postpartum Preeclampsia Anyone?

Postby sherry fisher » Mon Mar 29, 2004 05:14 am

I was told too that it was rare! I had severe post partum PE. Right at the end of my PG I started spilling +1 protein in my urine and started to swell. I already had an induction date a few days out, so my OB did not worry about it very much. When my son was one week old, we decided to go to my parents for the day. All the way there I had a horrid headache that would not go away. When I got there I took my BP and it was not bad. Finially after visiting for a couple of hours...I had to go home and rest. The headache was the worst! We went home and it never went away. I had some pain pills that we had, they did not help. About 9pm, I finially had DH take me to the ER to be checked. THinking it was just a headache:) I got there and they STILL thought I was pregnant, as my DH was parking the car with the baby and the stroller. My BP upon admission was 222/169 (I will NEVER forget that #) They freaked. The triage nurse immediately called the Doc out to the triage area. They took me back immediately! Got my urine sample. My BP's stayed high for about 4 hours. They wanted to fly me to a hospital in St Louis, but the fog stopped them. They had to wait for me to stabelize and be transferred by ambulance. I was put on MAG and morphine. In which I had an allergic reaction to the morphine. So, I had nothing for my headaches. I remember not taking my eyes off the BP monitor because I just knew that with #'s that high I was going to have a stroke or heart attack! A Doc or nurse never left my room the WHOLE time I was there. They did do a urine sample while there, but I dont remember what that protein level was. Once my BP's went down a little, they did tranfer me. I was in the hospital for a week. 2 days of which were spent in ICU. My MIL had to care for my newborn. DH would bring him to the hospital for a few hours during the day. I think that hurt me the most! At my 6 week checkup I was taken off all BP meds and was fine!

After this, I made up my mind to do everything possible to educate myself on this disease! Then I got pregnant again.....I do have PE now, but not as severe. With my history my OB does not want to take any chances, we are in the process of amnios until her lungs are mature enough to deliver. I am on meds throughout this PG as well. I must mention that in my PP PE PG I did not run high BP's. My BP's were great. I was put on BP meds with this one at 8 weeks. With a BP of 130/86. Again, not taking any chances!

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Postpartum Preeclampsia Anyone?

Postby myboyz801 » Sun Mar 28, 2004 05:01 pm

Just want to see if anyone out there has had it postpartum. The hospital said it was really rare but thought I would check here anyway. Would like to see if anyone is having any after effects. Mine happened the end of May 2003.... Would like to have another baby but very very scared.. I have two boys 3 1/2 and 10m old with miner complications once they were born via c-sect that following week my body goes bizerk. Would love to see if anyone else is out there!!

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