mum of six

So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.
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mum of six

Postby amanda snow » Mon Feb 09, 2004 01:03 pm

Just thought I'd tap in. I'm a mum of six...the last two being a surprise package in more ways than one. I had HELLP with Maddie and Jacob and was given a c-section at almost 30 weeks. They were in nicu for 5 weeks, came home for three and Jacob stopped breathing at home. I had to give him mouth to mouth until ambo. arrived. 5 hours to stabilise then taken by nets to children's hospital. 24 hours later Maddie did the same. They both had RSV bronch. They were on life support for two weeks and a further two weeks in an isolation ward.We had to say goodbye to them too many times due to complicatios. Extubating too soon with Jacob...I don't ever want to see a navy blue baby again. Pneumonia, and Maddie developed sepsis, which is the poisoning of her whole body. Her o2 sats went down to 56 at one stage, needless to say it was a horrible experience. We were warned of brain damage and the likes and vigilantly watched them for the following two years. Jacob developed chronic asthma and has had too many hospital visits. They are a little delayed so far. We are just so lucky.
Just a warning to mums out there with new premmies or tiny twins...don't feel guilty about making your visitors wash their hands before holding your little ones...make sick visitors stay away until they are well. Don't take them to busy places where there are just far too many germs.Be so careful. I nearly lost my two precious miracles to what was just a sniffle in a visitor.
Please be so careful.
Hope it's not a too scary message, but I certainly learnt the hard way. More than likely your little one will be fine..but just be aware.
Mandy Mum of six
Jessica 4th May 1990Pre e
Camereon 1st May 1993 High BP
Lachlan 25th Feb 1995 Gest Diab.
Connor 31st July 1999 HELLP and Gest Diab.
Maddie and Jacob 4thmay 2001 HELLP at 30 weeks
Lots of it!!!!!

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