is my daughter gaining enough weight

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Re : is my daughter gaining enough weight

Postby holliadrienne » Fri Jun 09, 637684 9:33 am

hi there! my son was born july 18th and weighed 4lbs 14oz...he is now 21 weeks almost and weighs 14lbs, and my dr thinks that is fine! i am sure your little girl is perfectly fine...:)

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Re : is my daughter gaining enough weight

Postby denise » Wed May 17, 637684 11:21 pm

Melanie, is your doctor concerned about your daughter's weight? She sounds like a great weight to me. Phoenix is 6 1/2m now and weighed 15lbs this week. The most important thing is that baby follows the curve on theirgrowth. Baby may be smaller, but if she's following her own curve she's good.

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Re : is my daughter gaining enough weight

Postby cindync » Tue May 16, 637684 10:40 pm

Sounds good to me. My son is currently 18 months and 17 lbs 14 oz. He was 15 lbs at a year.

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Re : is my daughter gaining enough weight

Postby deerhart » Sun May 07, 637684 7:26 am

22 weeks is um almost 6 months? I think thats pretty close to normal. My boys were about 20-22 lbs at 6 months (they gained weight like crazy after they were born though). Alex was 5lbs 10oz at birth so just a little bigger.

emersons mom
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Re : is my daughter gaining enough weight

Postby emersons mom » Sun May 07, 637684 7:10 am

We have been concerned too about our son's small weight gains, but our ped assures me that as long as he is gaining weight and growing in relation to the growth curve, we should have no concerns, our ped said the worry would be if there was no weight the last month our son weighed 13 pounds 3 ounces at 7 months.....following the curve in relation to his length.....try not to worry....i know it is hard!

kelly w
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Re : is my daughter gaining enough weight

Postby kelly w » Fri May 05, 637684 4:30 pm

That sounds like a good weight gain to me. My girls all weighed about that around 6-9 mos. Has your doctor been concerned? I wouldn't feel worried about it, that sounds like excellent weight gain to me. [:)]


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Re : is my daughter gaining enough weight

Postby darcynulph » Fri May 05, 637684 4:25 pm

Did your doctor give you a preemie growth chart? It is the growth chart that is adjusted. If you would like it email me and I will scan it and send it to you. Her weight sounds pretty normal to me. My neighbor had full-term boy actually 41 weeks the same week that your dd was born and he is 16 pounds. I don't think you have anything to worry about and that is advice from a preemie mom that still worries everyday about my dd's weight and calorie intake. FYI-My dd is 22 pounds at 20/mo and looks perfectly normal and is healthy-she was 1000g at birth. Her Doctor told me to stop worrying because it is better for a child to weigh less because so many children are overweight.

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Re : is my daughter gaining enough weight

Postby brooklynsmom » Fri May 05, 637684 8:50 am


Is your pediatrician concerned? That sounds like a fine weight to me...Brooklyn only weighed 14 pounds at her 6 month appointment, and her Dr. wasn't too concerned. As long as she is eating good, and the Dr. isn't concerned, I wouldn't stress out about it, but I would keep an eye on how much she is eating, and let your Dr. know of your concerns.

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is my daughter gaining enough weight

Postby melanie12321 » Fri May 05, 637684 5:07 am

Hi all my daughter was born on 4th july by emergancy c-section after being in hospital for 2weeks she weighed 5lb 1oz when she was born she is now 22 weeks old and weighs 14lbs is she gaining enough weight many thnaks love melanie xx

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