Tubal Ligation

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Re : Tubal Ligation

Postby miracle3 » Mon Sep 11, 637684 7:28 am

Have you considered the new procedure? It is minimally invasive I actually had it done before I had my recent hysterectomy. They go in and actually put stints in your tubes. There is no incision it is done through the vagina. I had no problems with them what so ever. If I can think of the website I will post it.

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Re : Tubal Ligation

Postby lucy » Sun Sep 10, 637684 10:38 pm

I thought about getting one but decided to just get an IUD, insertion was easy its good for up to 5 years has low hormones and I can just get another in 5 years if I decide good luck whatever you decide.

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Re : Tubal Ligation

Postby aliciab » Mon Jul 03, 637684 11:03 pm

I recently had mine after my c-section with my daughter. I know that I have had more pain with this c-section than I did with my first one and have not had my first period since I delivered (Nov 19th). I can't say I don't have regrets and the first week or so after I had my daughter I was very weepy about the tubal, but I felt that I had no other choice considering the way this pregnancy progressed and my age (35). My fiance is a great man and I would have loved to have another child with him but we both felt that it would be too risky for us to get pregnant again. I know that we are both excited about not worrying about birth control again.


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Re : Tubal Ligation

Postby cindync » Wed Nov 26, 637681 4:49 pm

I do have the same feelings as Casee.

My period is messed up too. It comes every 17-21 days, lasts a full week, and I have wicked mood swings 1 week before. So, basically, one week a month is not affected by my period. There is something called post tubal ligation syndrome, and as much as I would like to subscribe to this line of thougt, it is so wishy washy.

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Re : Tubal Ligation

Postby graysonsaunt » Sat Nov 15, 637681 7:05 am

I had my tubal the day after I had my daughter. I am 29 now and still know I don't want any more children, but I will say that I was not prepared for the physical and mostly emotional turmoil.

Physically, the procedure went great as well as recovery, however I am now birth control free for the first time in 13 years except for when I was pregnant. It has caused hormonal craziness in my body. I suffered from cramps that I had never had before and severe Pre menstral shifts. I am now on Sarafem to help control those and am doing much better. Also, up until the last two months, my periods were very irregular, as in every two weeks. My dr. says that is from the aftereffects of nursing my DD. It has been almost a year since I stopped nursing and my periods have pretty much leveled out as my hormornes are getting more in check.

As for the emotional ride, I KNOW I don't want more kids, but it is still hard to deal with. I know from the posts that so many moms are facing that and many of them didn't get a choice in that, but I think even if you are choosing to not have anymore (for whatever the reasoning)there is a possibility of emotional distress over knowing that it is final. (and with the way the procedure is done, unless you have it reversed, you can pretty much consider it as final) I was already in the hospital recovering from having my DD so it made sense logistically. Overall, now that I am levelling out and my doctor has given my that RX, I don't regret it, but it is definitely worth looking into all the options available to see what would work best for you.

Best of luck!

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Re : Tubal Ligation

Postby mom2gigi » Sun Sep 28, 637681 2:24 pm

I was 27 and it was done after my daughter was born via C-Section. No regrets, even my husband said he'd go get a "V" so there's no chance in having another one. Pregnancy was just way to hard on me neither of us want to go thru all that again. I do have longer periods now. that bites but that's all the negative about it.

kelly w
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Re : Tubal Ligation

Postby kelly w » Sat Sep 06, 637681 5:14 pm

They do recommend that women consider a tubal ligation "final". Depending on the kind of surgery that is done, it can *sometimes* be reversed - but the success rate is far from 100% and some types of tubals cannot be reversed at all [the type where they burn and destroy the fallopian tube rather than snipping it]. So, anyone who gets a tubal *should* be really, REALLY certain that they don't want more children because later on, even after going through an expensive and difficult reversal, there are no guarantees that any more babies would be forthcoming.

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Re : Tubal Ligation

Postby surefoott » Fri Aug 15, 637681 8:16 pm

I am intrigued by those who wrote who said their hospital had an 'age rule' or 'so many months after a baby rule.' Obviously my hospital had neither since I was 29 and had the tubal immediately after Debbie's birth. I think that is such a good rule. I know I'm off the topic now; but it is interesting to read everyone's experience with this. I was so depressed when my daughter was about 6 months; I felt like it was so final. I know it's not that way anymore; but I'm not sure if anyone can really and truly KNOW that they will never want another child again. At least nowadays you know that whatever decision you make, it's not a final thing you'd have to live with forever, if you end up having regrets in the future.

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Re : Tubal Ligation

Postby jshell4871 » Fri Aug 15, 637681 2:50 pm

I don't have experience with a tubal but DH had the big V a few weeks after our 6th (eclampsia) baby was born. My peri told him I would die if I had another baby. I went along with it but it was the worst thing that ever happened to me. We were fortunate enough to have a successful reversal, and I lived through having another baby with no complictions. My humble advice is make darn sure you don't want anymore before having it done.

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Re : Tubal Ligation

Postby frasiah » Fri Aug 15, 637681 12:25 am

Very happy with mine.

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