Diaper rash

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Re : Diaper rash

Postby tahoe4 » Sun Nov 14, 637351 10:25 am

My daughter recently had a REALLY bad diaper rash. I called the pediatrician and they recommended mixing together whatever barrier you use (Desitin, Aquaphor, etc.) with Maalox. Something in the Maalox clears up a diaper rash. I told that to a friend of mine and he said their pediatrician recommended the same thing. I never got to try it, because my daughter's rash cleared up the same day that I made the call to the dr, but my friend tried it and said it worked like a charm.

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Re : Diaper rash

Postby cdingmama » Wed Jun 16, 637351 3:45 pm

A really good cream is to take auquphor and mix it with maalox liquid antacid. I got the mint flavor so the cream smells like mint. I got this recipe from a Nicu nurse. We use cloth diapers so we don't get many rashes, usually only when Luke is teething and has 4-5 messy diapers a day. Air time really does help. I let Luke run in our yard with only a shirt on and that helps a lot. Another thing that really helped is not using the disposable wipes. They have alcohol in them and that can really aggrevate the skin. I use wash cloth and plain water but you could use paper towels with just water for a disposable wipe.

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Re : Diaper rash

Postby meg hanrahan » Fri Jun 04, 637351 9:15 am

Katie gets horrible rashes since she has moderate eczema. I use A+D with zinc oxide and it works great! It also comes in a handy dispenser so you can put it on with one hand. While some of the other brands would work, they didn't when it got really bad (bleeding etc.). I use it for every diaper change to avoid bad reoccurrances too. Good luck - I always feel badly when they have sore butts!

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Re : Diaper rash

Postby deerhart » Fri Jun 04, 637351 6:27 am

yup a lot otf times juices will cause diareha and thus worsen rashes and the heat can also cause more diareha.

As for baby powder, we were advised against using baby powder because of the strong family disposition to asthma. Since baby powder can become airborne and applying it usually means that some of it gets near the baby's face, it can be inahled and cause respitory problems, espeically asthma. Since about 75% of my family has asthma and there is a strong disposition towards it that the powder could cause problems. Any time we did use it we always poured what we needed out on a paper plate and then carefully (trying not to make much dust put it in the diaper).

Another thing ofr rashes (and the whole air thing) is to place the child in an oatmeal bath. I know Aveeno (or something like that that makes baby products) does make an oatmeal bath for babies and it works very well in helping to heal up rashes.


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Re : Diaper rash

Postby kdreher » Fri Jun 04, 637351 3:52 am

My niece is 1yr old and she is getting/go 6 teeth at one. OUCH. This cutie didn't cut her first tooth until 2 days before her 1st bday. Heiny was red for sure. My MIL and mother both said that best thing for diaper rash is to let them "air it out" I know, I was like "what, they'll pee all over" and they both said keeping it dry and getting air to it helps (guess that's the old fashion style). I say go back to when the babies are newborns. Dry diaper - no cream, powder, nothing. I live by A&D ointment.

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Re : Diaper rash

Postby kim » Fri Jun 04, 637351 3:30 am

We used Butt Paste, too.. It worked great, even through 9 days of Rotavirus!!! :-)

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Re : Diaper rash

Postby season » Thu Jun 03, 637351 10:33 am

Good reminder, citrus and tomatoes both do my little one in - even still at 3 1/2. I felt so bad because I fed him a whole tomato before I saw what effect it would have. He had the worst rash, his little cheeks even bled. Poor baby, now we're careful, those acid foods can cause real problems. Antibiotics caused some real problems for dd too (that's when we first tried the Little Bottoms, it made such a huge difference.)

Another thing that helps, is frequent lukewarm baths, with no soap. Just a few minutes in the water and a little time to air dry can really help.

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Re : Diaper rash

Postby laura » Thu Jun 03, 637351 10:16 am

Oh wow, good advice from all! I just wanted to throw in my comment like Andrea's- Cam gets the *worst* diaper rash from orange juice- it might be a good idea to take a look at Stephen's diet to see if anything there might trigger a worse rash.

Jen, I gotta give the lotrimin a try- and SueAnn, what kind of store do you find the Little Bottoms?

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Re : Diaper rash

Postby jenchar » Thu Mar 06, 637349 8:40 am

My daughter Meghan had a couple of really awful cases of diaper rash.

My ped told us that it was actually an uncontrolled yeast infection. He said they happen a lot more in the summer months from the heat and sweating.

His advice was to buy Lotrimin cream (for jock itch, athletes foot, etc.). You smooth on a thin layer on the affected area and allow the cream to dry for a few minutes. Then, you use your normal diaper cream on top of it. We used Triple Paste. I swear by the stuff! The big tub is like $30 bucks though. It beats the bleeding rashes, though.

I saw results after one day, and by the 3rd day it was pretty much all the way healed. Miracle!

Just thought I'd share.


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Re : Diaper rash

Postby matts_mom » Thu Mar 06, 637349 5:53 am

OUCH! matthew has had very little trouble with diaper rash but i found out rather harshly that his body doesn't like peaches. he screamed when pooped and i felt so bad for him. i used zincofax or sudacreme, rather liberally, and then covered up the whole mess with baby powder. his poor bum had welts! i used a lot of baby powder too, hoping that when he did have a poop it wouldn't touch his skin at all. it cleared up in less than two days and he really hasn't had anything since and that was almost a year ago.

i use baby powder on his bottom every time i change his diaper. does anyone else use baby powder with every change?

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