Member Spotlight-- 1,000 member Tarra!

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Member Spotlight-- 1,000 member Tarra!

Postby laura » Mon Mar 01, 2004 08:50 pm

In honor and celebration of our 1,000 member to join the Preeclampsia Forum, we are focusing the Member Spotlight on our new member Tarra. Tarra is a preeclampsia survivor and advocate for PCOS, a syndrome that places women at increased risk for developing preeclampsia. Thanks for sharing with us, Tarra, and welcome to the Forum!

I am Tarra Hartl, wife of Matt and mother of 4, soon to be 5 kids. I studied music in college but I am now a home schooling mom and I have volunteered for the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association ( for over 4 years. I am presently the Director Of Online Communities there. Basically that means I operate all of their email support groups (, maintain the FAQ and list guidelines (, and oversee the list moderators and administrators. There are over 13,000 list members from around the world on the lists. I was diagnosed with PCOS 9 years ago. I took fertility treatments to conceive and had preeclampsia with my first pregnancy. All ended well though. I have not had it since. I have been very blessed to successfully have 4 kids, going on 5, with the help of medication to treat the PCOS. I presently take Glucophage which controls many symptoms including insulin resistance and helps to prevent miscarriage, preeclampsia, and other complications in pregnant women with PCOS. I have been having a few symptoms of PE again this time but so far it is under control with blood pressure medication so I hope that continues to work for me as I have 10 weeks to go to get to due date (May 8). I am so lucky to have a wonderful doctor! The baby is a boy which will bring my family to 2 girls and 3 boys. We live in North Dakota on a ranch where we have horses, dogs, cats, and lots of poultry (chickens, turkeys, and guineas).

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