Update on Samara

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Re : Update on Samara

Postby annegarrett » Mon Aug 09, 2004 00:11 am

I don't know if you addressed this or not but my son Jonathan had terrible colic and it turned out the problem was I was trying to breastfeed on a schedule. He had a little tummy and so was so hungry he was gulping in air (my nursing technique needed refining as well) and so he swallowed so much air that he was full of air and not much food--so he was hungry again really soon (and crying from the gas in his tummy). What worked for us was just taking a day in bed with him and nursing basically on demand (like hourly), burping vigorously, and just quiet calm time. Once we got through that...we went to an on-demand schedule (which made my mom NUTS--she was of the "feeding every 4 hours school") and he was nursed probably every 1.5 hours to 2 hour until he was about a month. This is particularly the case with my preemies. I didn't supplement with anything, a real earth mother that way (Laura: cue the whalesongs...). Have you learned how to swaddle? If so, there is one technique that worked like a charm with Jon. If the baby is fully tightly wrapped (arms down at the side) and then flipped over on their tummy (like you hold a football) and then rock very fast and very gently while shhhing the baby in their ear very loudly (I saw this recently in a news article too, but had been taught this when Jon was small) you will see an amazing response. I think there is a book about it now...forget the name. ANYWAY...that is what I did and it seemed to work. Good luck!!

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Re : Update on Samara

Postby angelkat » Sun Aug 08, 2004 10:54 pm


Praying something can be done for Samara.

When Drew had colic I gave him Chamomile Herb Tea (this is even before they sold it in tea bags LOL) I had to brew it and then put it in a bottle along with a little sugar for taste. He was good for his belly....

** Speak to Samara's doctor before trying the tea's..**

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Re : Update on Samara

Postby samarasmom » Sun Aug 08, 2004 09:42 pm

thanks ladies. WEll I was reading on colic and she seems fussier at night but she doesnt cry unconsolobly for hours, she fusses alot and is very restless.She had a couple of episodes where she was choking and gasping for air like she was choking but nothing came out so needless to say that I have no plans on trying to sleep much tonite and she is sleeping sitting up and on her side. Boppy is a wonder WHEW! I am so scared on what the doc will say or will he say that he cant find a reason and then we will be back to waiting until something happens that makes it known. But I know her doc will check her over thouroghly with her brothers histories. Please pray that they can find a reason ( not that I want something wrong but IF we are gonna go thru this I want a reason) and they are able to help her out.
BTW Jennie you are too cute. I would take that up to hmmm... gotta go talk the fiance into a nice back rub :)

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Re : Update on Samara

Postby jenn » Sun Aug 08, 2004 07:04 pm

Okay after 3 trys here to respond (demanding Jaidyn diva at hand)

I'm so happy a doctor could give you some insight to what's going on.
But poor Samara, I couldn't imagine.
So you don't think she's in pain but still crying. hummm... Is she happy being held, reposistioned, swinging, anything?
I've heard a rumor for a colic cure, it would be to put them on their tummy over your lap with a back rub.
Heck even I'd go for that ;o)

Lemme' know what he doc says next.
I hope some good restful sleep is in your future.

Lots of love.

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Re : Update on Samara

Postby kim » Sun Aug 08, 2004 06:01 pm

Ainsley went through that and was placed on Levsin. Hers turned into reflux.
I hope the medicine really helps her!!
Good Luck

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Re : Update on Samara

Postby samarasmom » Sun Aug 08, 2004 10:42 am

Thanks Erin she did not give it a name or anything just treated it for the time being and said that her doc would have more answers and treatment plans for her. I think she has colic also as she is alot worse and cries more at night. She fusses and wakes up every hour crying even after the feedings and the meds but she at least isnt crying in pain so I believe that the meds is controlling her pain but I have no idea what is causing her constant crying except for colic. One day I will sleep LOL

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Re : Update on Samara

Postby deerhart » Sat Aug 07, 2004 08:34 pm

did they give it a name or is it just like a spastic colon? I know those are fairly common in older folks.
You might start with a google search on stomach or colon spasms to lead you to some medical sites. Also looking at like children hospital pages or medical school pages can help lead you to other reliable information.


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Update on Samara

Postby samarasmom » Sat Aug 07, 2004 05:14 pm

Well i was finally tired of the doc caring for my daughter until her doc gets back so I took her into the peds after hours last night. They did an ultrasound to rule out pyloric stenosis and they did and what they found makes alot of sense. They said they noticed spasms of her stomach and colan. That would explain why it causes pain and why things come out of each end. They put her on Levsin drops to stop the spasms and help with the pain. They also help her sleep more than an hour without fussing. Her doc comes back on MOnday and we have to report back to him and see what his plans are for her and if there is more they can do for her.

Has anyone heard of this or went thru this. What more can you tell me about what to expect. I have so many questions about this and have no idea where to start so any info someone may have would be appreciated greatly

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