How do you survive that 1st birthday?

Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
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Re : How do you survive that 1st birthday?

Postby angelical » Wed Nov 19, 637034 10:12 pm

I couldn't believe I was still so emotional (that's out of character for me anyway) THIS year, for Aaron's second birthday. I think, as preemie parents, we are always going to see our "babies" as the little miracle fighters that they were back in the NICU. Even if they are talking and rolling somersaults!


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Re : How do you survive that 1st birthday?

Postby annes » Wed Nov 19, 637034 8:20 pm

I just went through this last week, and I was floored by how emotional I was for the days before and the day of the Big 1st Bday! I guess I was remembering all the stuff surrounding his birth, so that was weird and tough, and it has gone by so fast that I couldn't believe it. We spent some mommy, daddy, baby time together in the morning and had a little party in the evening, it was great! Now that it is over I feel like a weight is off of my shoulders, and the idea of trying for another is not as terrifying as it was before. Anyway Good luck, have fun, and make sure you take plenty of time to yourselves[:I].

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Re : How do you survive that 1st birthday?

Postby hannahsmom » Fri Oct 17, 637034 11:42 am

Hi, Shannon. My dd's third bday is two days after your little one's! I, too will take the whole day off. For her first and second bday, I cried every day the week leading up to her birth because I remembered everything that went on during the days leading up to her crazy delivery. I understand what you are going through!

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Re : How do you survive that 1st birthday?

Postby sandy » Fri Sep 12, 637034 1:25 am

Hi Shannon,
We just had a 1st birthday celebration ourselves. I hear you about how it's all flown by, along with all the emotions. What a roller coaster.

2 of my DD's buddies (twin boys) who are very close in age to her...we went to their birthday party, and their mom put together a little photo album starting with the first ultrasound photos, a little of the pregnancy, and tons and tons of pics showing how the boys have grown this last year (they were born at 33 weeks gestation I think).

So if you have the time, a little gathering of photos and some words/dates explaning...that's a really nice way to share with others.

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Re : How do you survive that 1st birthday?

Postby wcarder » Thu Sep 11, 637034 11:44 pm

Awww, how fun! my thirty weeker will be FIVE aug 24, so i feel your pain. It's incredible how time flys! Pretty soon, you too will be going to Kindergarten orientation and bawling all over yourself. I spent noodles first birthday just as you are describing - she and I spending the day. And we had a cookout that evening. When she was three, and looked to be threatening to stop being a baby all together, I said "Noodle, I want you to stay three forever" and she said "ok, mommy, i will try" (: Things didn't work out, though, and there's nothing you can do! Watching your baby grow is the most rewarding, heartbreaking experience. It truly is bittersweet. Hang in there! Stay strong! Just focus on all that you have to look forward to, not all that has gotten away from you.
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How do you survive that 1st birthday?

Postby caitlynsmama » Thu Sep 11, 637034 10:55 pm

Ms. Caitlyn will be one next month on the 26th. I am in such shock that this year has flown by. So many tears, so much happiness, stress, love, etc. I am taking the entire day off on August 26th just to spend it with her, just me and her. How did you all get through it? I am also going to take some pictures of her with her little preemie clothes to show how proud I am of my little 2 pounder.

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