3 not walking not completely talking

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Re : 3 not walking not completely talking

Postby kdreher » Tue Sep 28, 2010 01:57 pm

My son is a 32 weeker, failed newborn hearing test. An ABR test (they hook up monitors to head and monitor reaction of sound to brain waves) showed mild-mod loss in one ear. At 22 mos he is speech delayed, has speech therapy every other week, had a repeat ABR test done under sedation and showed the loss in both ears. He had hearing aid molds done and will have them soon. I suggest you contact an Audiologist to have an ABR test done under sedation, this is the best measure to see if there is a hearing issue. They can also do a BEAR test where the child wears headphones, sits in a both on your lap and reacts to sound by looking at boxes that light up. The ABR is the best measure. I would contact your local Early Intervention programs, they are state funded and free, to find out how to get an eval done regarding walking and talking. I worried about these things too. Michael was fully walking by 17/18 mos and did not need any therapy. The eval would also look at development issues etc. You can go to the states social services page or google it. YOur pedi will only refer you out they won't really act or tell you what you need.

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Re : 3 not walking not completely talking

Postby jamie w » Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:18 pm

I do not want to seem like the pessimist but I think your doctor is quite right to be concerned. Although there are variations to normal, kids should absolutely be walking by 3 years old and if they are not that is cause for concern. There can be many reasons why she is not walking and talking but it is so important to get to the root of those problems. Early intervention is key. Waiting it out in a case where your child is clearly behind is not advisable because it will only make your child fall further behind. I would love to believe in my heart that my child was "normal" too but when it became clear she wasn't we had to act on it. Waiting doesn't do anybody any good. I would cedrtainly get back to the neurologist and if you cannot get an answer there then keep searching until you do. Good luck. I know it is a hard road to travel but one definitely worth traveling!

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Re : 3 not walking not completely talking

Postby jenmatt1 » Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:50 am

I can understand your concern because I worried about everything. I worry about my daughter all the time and she is now a seemingly happy healthy child. However, I have an aunt with spinal bifida- they told my grandmother to put her in an institution- that she'd never walk, talk and she would likely die in childhood. She turned 60 last December. She walks, drives a car, went to school, held a job until she retired a few years ago and is one of the smartest and nicest people I know. My mom is 2 years younger than her and my mom walked before she did. So please do not give up hope.

I think there is somthing more physical than intellectual going on with her- I would start with simple tests - like hearing. My daughter had lots of ear infections before she was 18 months old and I noticed her balance in walking was off. We had tubes put in her ears and her equilibrium seemed to balance right out and her speech caught up within 6 months time.

Also you might want to think about Auditory Processing Disorder - one of my friends children was diagnosed with this (her son was born 10 weeks early because of preeclampsia) and one of my mother in law's friends is actually an expert in this. It usually can't definitely be diagnosed until later but there are signs that you can see. Most kids with APD are misdiagnosed at first with ADD or ADHD which can set your kids back. Children who have APD have a dificult time following directions especially in noisy backgrounds like preschools. They leave sounds and syllabels of our words or substitute sounds with words they already know. They also have a difficult time learning songs or rhymes. Kids with ADP can be successful in learning but they have issues that need to be addressed and adjusted.

Sorry for long post- but wanted to through out some ideas since it looks like you are trying to figure this all out.

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3 not walking not completely talking

Postby srvirgo93 » Thu Sep 09, 2010 01:43 pm

Hello. I am the mother of a 3 year old girl who was born 33 weeks early. She is not potty trained, she is not waling on her own, and she does not make sentences as a 3 year should. She understands everything you tell her. She can say some phrases, but not complete sentences. She has been cruising for about a year and a half. She can walk about 5 or 6 feet when she takes her time, but she almost always falls to her hands and knees and crawls. We did physical therapy with ECI Texas and now I am looking at the school district to continue with PT and start with speech therapy. We have been to a neurologist and had an MRI and everything is normal(a year ago). We are going to the neurologist again at the pedatrician's suggestion.

I am just wondering if there is anyoe else out there with a situation like mine. I feel that she will walk with no assitance when her body feels it is time. I feel the same with talking more also.

Everyone is trying to force the issue of her walking and saying that there must be something wrong with her. It is very frustrating especially when I know in my heart that she will develop and catch in her own due time.

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