did you have a hybrid?

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Re : did you have a hybrid?

Postby jfindley » Wed Mar 24, 638917 11:49 pm

We felt the same way when Isaac was at that stage. It gets even trickier when they can almost sit independently. They get so frustrated.

For the stage you are at, we let our son play in a jumperoo when he was about that corrected age. His feet didn't reach the floor, so we put a big pillow below him so he could jump and the seat was a little too roomy, so we stuffed blankets around him to stabilize. He had lots of fun.

We also had a lot of success with touch and feel books and any noise making toys. He also loved this wacky set up we dreamed up. We found this inflatable duck (supposed to be a bath tub), we sat him in his bouncer on the most upright setting and filled the duck with toys and sat it really close to him where he could reach in pull out toys. This was a hit. We had to get creative and it was fun! Sounds like your lovey is growing so fast! Congratulations!

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Re : did you have a hybrid?

Postby kara » Tue Mar 02, 638917 3:22 pm

We did!! She was also ready for a jumper/saucer at 3 months corrected, but wasn't big enough to see over the edge!! Just go with your instinct's, and let her lead. She may just want interaction with you more than anything. There are lots of great sensory toy's out there, with different textures and colors, things they can chew on, mirrors to see their reflections. I always tried to try out a toy in the store before buying it. Sometimes adding something as simple as music while she plays on her playmat can make a difference. Mostly, our DD was small for the age she was acting - so we had to be selective in what things we bought.

Have fun! Take it as a good thing that she's catching up.

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did you have a hybrid?

Postby lola1971 » Tue Mar 02, 638917 7:44 am

So we are feeling a little confused about how to entertain our 5 month dd who is 3 months corrected. She has been able to hold her head up for over a month now. She seems to be very much a hybrid of both ages.

We have a swing, bouncy, mobile in crib and playmat. Of course we play with her too but we think that she may be ready for one of those activity toys/saucers. She seems to be bored or needs more entertainment. It seems like we need to do more varied things to play with? I don't know, maybe she's just doing what typical babies do and since we are first time parents, we just think we should always be doing more.
Any suggestions? I feel like she went from newborn to infant overnight so we feel a little lost all of a sudden!

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