underwear for the preemie

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Re : underwear for the preemie

Postby rachelsmommy » Wed Jan 27, 638619 6:07 pm

I had the same problem. My daughter is turning four soon and is just fitting into the smallest (2T) underwear we can find. I had a friend who sews custom make some for us when Rachel was just starting potty training because we couldn't find any small enough.

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Re : underwear for the preemie

Postby pld0804 » Wed Jan 27, 638619 1:13 pm

It's funny that I saw this post today of all days. We started potty training today! Holly is also super tiny - she's 2.5 yrs old and 19 lbs with not much of a bum. We searched high and low, and posted here as well for ideas. We're limited to shopping in Canada - it was too expensive with the exchange and shipping. The smallest ones we found locally were the George brand at Wal-mart, recommended by someone on this forum. And even then, a friend of mine who sews took them in for us.

Good luck with your search and with potty training!

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Re : underwear for the preemie

Postby kelly1972 » Wed Jan 27, 638619 11:02 am

My daughter is really small and when I was potty training her she couldn't fit into big girl underwear but I found 18/24 mth cloth training pants at Walmart in Canada anyway. I don't know if they carry them in the US though. Someone else mentioned the Gap and that is a good idea as well. Good luck in your search.

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Re : underwear for the preemie

Postby hannahsmom » Sun Sep 22, 638616 12:32 am

I bought the smallest size and then washed and dried them a few times to shrink them. It's funny to remember that! Hannah now wears big girl sizes and we have no problem with them fitting now :)

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Re : underwear for the preemie

Postby kara » Sat Sep 21, 638616 7:14 pm

Baby gap has XS sizes, when shrunk that worked for my little one. She was also 12 months behind in clothing sizes. And it's ok if they are a little baggie....helps give their pants something so they don't slide off.

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Re : underwear for the preemie

Postby cindync » Sat Sep 21, 638616 1:14 pm

Walmart has Elmo and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse underwear that actually run quite small. My son just turned 4, he is 30 lbs, and I finally got to throw those tiny unders out. They are sold in the baby section. They are much smaller than like the Furit of the Loom or Hanes. Aiden started wearing them when he was 2, and he was only 20 lbs at 2.


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Re : underwear for the preemie

Postby julieb » Sat Sep 21, 638616 1:10 pm

Mason is so tiny and his 12 month stuff is still too big around the waist, he is long and lean too! I bought some Elmo underwear from Target that came in, I think, a 5 or 6 pack and they are SO tiny. The size is 2T but I think they start at 20lbs. So far Mason is still scared of the potty and we are thinking we will have to wait a few months until he is 2 1/2 but I do have underwear when that day comes :) I looked all around and these underwear started at the lowest weight of any that I found. If you are looking for cloth training pants, I was able to find 18 month size at Babies R Us by Gerber. I hope you have some luck!

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Re : underwear for the preemie

Postby hols537 » Sat Sep 21, 638616 11:33 am

I don't know if you'll find some quite that small, but I know that some people have had good luck with Hanna Andersson.

I've not seen them smaller than 2T/3T in any store like Target.

We tried and failed miserably a few weeks ago with Alexander. He is very skinny too (maybe not as skinny as logan though) and the 2T from Hanes fit him OK. The other ones (Fruit of the Loom maybe) ran bigger and didn't fit as well.

Good luck potty training!

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underwear for the preemie

Postby rachaelann » Sat Sep 21, 638616 11:17 am

so this is an interesting little dilemma im having. my son who is almost two is showing definite readiness to start potty training. however he is still very small for his age, with a waist about the size of a 9 month old, he is long and lean. and i cant find underwear anywhere that are smaller than 2T. did anyone else have a similar problem and know where i can find some smaller underwear?

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