silly feeding question

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Re : silly feeding question

Postby kdreher » Fri Nov 03, 638615 4:28 am

I think the warm formula is easy on their belly and perhaps sort of warm like breast milk might be. Michael's was always warmed up in a cup of hot tap water and at 6 1/2 months we still do it today. He can take a cooler bottle but I prefer not to give it to him cold. We do not heat on stove or in the microwave.

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Re : silly feeding question

Postby lilliputianmama » Sun Oct 22, 638615 4:15 am

We were advised to do the same hot water bath with our 28-weeker. I never stored extras in the fridge, either. I did pump bm for 8 months and that we defrosted in the hot water bath, too, but I always had to supplement with formula, so we made that on demand as well.

As far as clothing, we layered as well. You probably know the signs of being cold or hot by now, so just be aware. Good luck!

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Re : silly feeding question

Postby emersons mom » Wed Aug 04, 638613 9:11 am

our hospital advised putting warm but not boiling water in a bowl deep enough to put the bottle in, and just put the bottle in after it was made, but we used room temp water, and never put his formula in the fridge, we literally made 2 oz at a no fridge chill.

good luck and congrats!!!!

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Re : silly feeding question

Postby heather j » Wed Aug 04, 638613 8:50 am

I don't think it would affect her temperature so much. Mine were 36/37 weekers both born in early spring/summer, and we ran the heat the first couple weeks. I'd keep her layered really well with a onesie under her clothing, socks on her feet, a hat (or two) on her head, and tightly swaddled. Ours stayed pretty toasty that way. We never warmed formula so that they didn't get used to it and refuse room temperature; it made it a lot easier when we were out. That said, it certainly won't hurt to warm it if that's what you want to do instead.

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silly feeding question

Postby mommakk » Wed Aug 04, 638613 5:22 am

When Bethany was still in the hospital her formula was all room temperature (I am unable to BF). Now that we have come home my husband is wondering whether warming her formula might help her to not have to work as hard to conserve body temp. I was not sure, but figure if that was the case the hospital would have suggested it.

Any advice?

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