Oh my...

Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
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Re : Oh my...

Postby trish » Tue May 25, 638613 11:53 pm

Oh wow! A year already!!! Congrats mama! :)

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Re : Oh my...

Postby mnmom » Tue May 25, 638613 9:31 pm

Nikole- what a wonderful update! Happy birthday, Ethan! You have been through an amazing journey, my friend. It is wonderful to "hear" the strength and optimism in your post! Take care of yourself!

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Re : Oh my...

Postby hannahsmom » Tue May 25, 638613 2:32 pm

Woo hoo! Congratulations! I know that I cried the entire day of Hananh's first birthday. I saw a miracle happen before my eyes, and so did you! I am sooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re : Oh my...

Postby jenn » Tue May 25, 638613 7:16 am

Congrats on all the amazing progress! And HaPpY 1st BiRtHdAy wishes to Ethan!!
I can hardly fathom that it has been a year already! The saying is true, time really does fly.
I know what a rough year it has been for you, but your strength and perseverance has astounded me!
Big hugs and much love to you both.

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Re : Oh my...

Postby blythe » Tue May 25, 638613 6:52 am

Wow, Nikkole. Your little boy has come *such* a long way! Congratulations on his amazing first year!!! ((hugs)) to you on everything. I hope this coming year is tons easier!!

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Oh my...

Postby mom2ella » Mon May 24, 638613 11:08 pm

Meant to post last week, but it's been kinda crazy and I know a lot of you read Ethan's carepages site. He turned ONE on 5/15...I cannot believe it. We had a great party. Momma went a little overboard with the carnival theme but it was really fun. It was the first time a lot of ppl ever saw Ethan...we had about 60 ppl there. I know...I'm crazy!

Ethan had his 12 mth checkup and shots on Friday. Brace yourselves please----My 14.8 OUNCE and 9.5 INCH baby boys now weighs 18 POUNDS and 1 OZ and is 26 IN long. I think he's got a little cold right now but everyone is very impressed with his progress. The pulmonologist plans to start weaning him off the vent and doing "windows" off in June. It will be so nice to be done with it. The trach will be so much easier to deal with then. He had an eye exam (he had ROP and had surgery for it at 3mths). Doc said his eyes look great...healthy and strong. He will probably need glasses in the future for nearsightedness, but I say BIG DEAL!! And we don't have to go back for a YEAR, which is exciting because I hate eye exams.

Developmentally, Ethan is doing well. He's at around his adjusted age (9mths) cognitively but still very behind physically. He can wave bye-bye and patty cake, giggles on queue, etc etc. Physically...still not sitting up and I'm getting worried. He's definitely getting stronger every day and the doc says that's all we can focus on for now. They feel that he will do it in time...his back and neck is just very week from being in bed with no movement for the first 4 1/2 months of his life. This makes perfect sense to me, but I'm still very worried. He's also not putting any support on his legs (he kicks and has a lot of strength in them but won't put weight on them when standing). Doc says he's using that energy to support his upper body and will use his legs more when that gets stronger. Good news is that he's starting to lift himself when you hold his hands and he's rolling A LOT more back and forth from his sides to his back. Still not rolling on his belly, but I've been told that a lot of trach babies skip that because it's hard for them with the vent tubing. He has OT/PT every week and we have already seen progress, so I'm gonna give myself a break and take it a day at a time (sorry...that was my own little pep talk)!

Sunday is Ella's Angelversary. And this week marks one year since my not-so-dear husband decided he didn't want to be with his family anymore. Divorce should be final soon. Can't wait to move on. I'm so ready for May to be over!

Hope everyone is doing well. If you have a new preemie, please read this story carefully. My baby boy is living proof that miracles do happen!

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