OT/PT Frustrations(long, sorry)

Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
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Re : OT/PT Frustrations(long, sorry)

Postby lilliputianmama » Mon May 18, 2009 01:04 pm

Regardless of if she needs it or not, I would look into getting a second opinion. If she does need it, I would probably change providers. You and your daughter need to be comfortable with your practitioners.

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Re : OT/PT Frustrations(long, sorry)

Postby kara » Sun May 17, 2009 11:02 pm


I am not a doc, but have spent a lot of time in OT with my daughter who was premature. This situation is a double edged sword. Sometimes in the NICU clinics they only have certain docs/therapists with certain specialties. We were told everything was a-ok in our nicu clinic after having seen a PT and a speech therapist. I thought certain things DD was doing were odd, and talked to my ped who referred her to OT (OT was not present at the NICU clinic visists). OT was what she really needed.

On the other hand, there shouldn't be so much concern over not walking for an 11 month old who was 11 weeks early. Did the PT realize she was 11 weeks early? Typically they use adjusted age until 12 or 24 months...sometimes longer if there are issues present.

My advice would be to talk to your Pediatrician about your concerns. Tell him/her about the nicu clinic and the OT/PT recommendations. He may be able to help you sort it out. And worst case scenario, perhaps have the pedi refer you to another group of therapists. Weekly vists after the first couple of visits are typically reserved for kids with serious issues, not those who are doing really well. Now granted, she may be doing so well because she's had so many visits, but perhaps it's time to cut back on the visits and try the excercises at home and see how she does....but talk to the pediatrician about all of this first and get his/her thoughts.
Hang in there!

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OT/PT Frustrations(long, sorry)

Postby mommy2maddie » Sun May 17, 2009 10:23 pm

So my daughter has been going to OT since October when her ped. thought that she didnt have good enough upper body strength. He said he just wanted us to go one time because we can do the excersises with her at home but he just wanted the OT to show us them. Well ever since then we have been going ever week. At first I did not have a problem with this because I truly believed she needed it. Just last week I took DD to the NICU follow up clinic, a doctor, an early intervention lady and physical therapist came in to see her and I told them that she was going to OT. They then told me that they did not understand why she had to go because she was doing so well, and then they told me I better stop going and save the visits that the insurance already approved in case something happens further down the road that she might need it and I agreed. So I told the OT lady this and she admits to me that my DD is doing very well and she doesnt need it as much or at all BUT she still is having me come in every week. Then at a recent visit I made a comment about how it was weird when she stood my DD up that she stood on her tippy toes and she doesnt usually do that and she said well at her next visit I will have the PT come in and take a quick look at her. I said okay, thinking that it wouldnt hurt. Then my OT calls me later that week to say she sent in orders for my DD to get approved for PT! Then when I go in I had a seperate appt with the PT who informs me that she wants to see my daughter every week because she is not pulling herself to stand and isnt walking and that she is just starting to do 10 month old things. My DD does crawl by the way. I was FURIOUS, she is only 11 months old actual and she was born 11 weeks early so in my book 10 months things is better than where she is supposed to be at. She is a premie for goodness sakes! I just feel like I am being taken advantage of so these people can get paid and i do not like it. What should i do? I am afraid if i refuse then they can turn me in to children services and say that I am neglecting her by not taking her? Can they do that? Its just I believe she doesnt need it and the docs at the NICU clinic think she doesnt need it either. Help me!

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