reflux quetsion//

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Re : reflux quetsion//

Postby trish » Mon Oct 28, 638318 1:28 am

My 1st had reflux and spit up a TON all the time starting at about 2 weeks. We had an upper GI done at 4 weeks but never did meds because although it was a huge hassle and messy it never really bothered her. We had her sleep in her carseat because that kept her at the right angle after I BF her.
3rd had reflux that started in the hospital - she was spitting up colostrum - all the nurses commented on it. It looked like I had fed a 1 day old infant baby food squash. It really bothered her - arching, screaming, crying & turning blue around her lips. She started on Axid at about 4 weeks. That did nothing and we moved on to Prevacid at about 7 weeks which really helped a lot. She didn't spit up less but it didn't bother her. She still sleeps in her carseat even though she just turned 1 & the relux has been gone for 2 months (whoo hoo).
Good luck!

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Re : reflux quetsion//

Postby kara » Sat Oct 26, 638318 5:19 pm

We had to push aggressively to get medications for our daughter after she was diagnosed with reflux (GERD), because our doctor is pretty conservative and doesn't like to medicate. Avery's reflux was extreme though and I didn't think there was a reason for her to be in such pain when there were medicines available. We finally got the meds and it helped a lot. She was eventually diagnosed with dairy/soy protein intolerance, and we went on prescription formula which helped immensely. So call the doc and let us know how it goes.

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Re : reflux quetsion//

Postby jenn » Sat Oct 05, 638318 4:27 am

I would definitely stick to the plan of calling the doctor first thing monday. Being the mom of two refluxing babies myself, the only non-medical advice I have would be to have you hold the baby on a 45 degree angle or better during feeds and try to keep him that way for about a half hour after feeding him and have gravity help you the best it can until the doctor can make the diagnosis and make recommendations.
I know how frustrating and upsetting it can be. I send my best wishes that monday come quickly for you. Update us when you can.

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reflux quetsion//

Postby annamaria » Sat Oct 05, 638318 3:23 am

my first one had reflux that went uindiagnosd for alongtime,,, like about 8 months.. i usedto go carzy with feeing her over and over becouse shell throw almost everything out,, than she had hard times with eating any solids nad got better by 18 months ,,2 years,,
now noel ithink might be starttingit,, hes throwing up thehwole meal ifhe eatsa good meall,, he started snakcing smaller meals,,and is so gassy.. if idont barp him every bit like imean ever 30 cc * throw up.. i breasfeed and bottle feed.
ill call his pediatrition monday..
with mariamna we didnt get any medicines becouse the doc didnt diagnoseit for so long...
any advice..?//

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