How big/% was your micro preemie at 2?

Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
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Re : How big/% was your micro preemie at 2?

Postby marchalice » Mon Feb 13, 638293 8:35 pm

My 1st was born at 28 wks and was 1lb 4oz.
There has always been a struggle with her weight and size.
She didn't grow much from age 4 to age 6 and now at age 10...she wears a size 6 and I have to take the waist in for all of her pants.
My 2nd was born at 32 wks and was 2lbs 15oz
She is the perfect size for her age and we worry that she will overtake her big sister in size even though there is a 5 1/2 year difference between them.

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Re : How big/% was your micro preemie at 2?

Postby aggie95mom » Wed Dec 28, 638292 9:01 pm

Not that you need something else to think about, but when we started supplementing Jacob with so many extra calories, our ped made sure we gave him extra water to drink. I don't recall exactly, but it was something about making sure his body had enough free fluid around to use. Making sure he had extra water really helped him overcome the constipation issues we did face though a few weeks after upping the calories ... guess the water was good for keeping other things flowing :)

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Re : How big/% was your micro preemie at 2?

Postby shel81495 » Sat Dec 17, 638292 11:50 am

Joshua dropped on the charts.. he was upto almost the 10th % and is now back to 3 %. But they just put him on some high calorie shakes so we will see how that goes. He gets two 350 cal shakes a day and with that also gets almost 100% of all his needs for vitamins and minerals. He isnt a very big eater so maybe this will help!!

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Re : How big/% was your micro preemie at 2?

Postby cindync » Tue Dec 06, 638292 7:49 am

Aiden turns 3 June 1st and weighs about 24 lbs give or take a few ounces---last doctors appt about a month ago he was 23 lbs 5 oz. He is above average in height and normal head circum.

He was just about 20 lbs at 2.

15 lbs excactly at 1.

He was 3 lbs even at birth (31 w 6 days).

My other two kids are not big either, well my daughter is a freaking giant, always has been, but her weight was awlays behind, till she was about 5, and my Russian adopted child still has yet to see 40 lbs and he is 6.

Good Aiden's case he is healthy, he is just about caught up developmentally, so I can not worry too much. But you are just starting over again....

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Re : How big/% was your micro preemie at 2?

Postby mommyboo » Thu Nov 24, 638292 9:51 am

It's not just micro preemies.
All of my kids are petite, well, all but one :)

My 28 weeker (2lb 9oz) wasn't even 20lbs by 2yrs. She will be 3 in July and is only 23lbs right now. She isn't on the charts but has stayed on the same curve which is all our ped has been watching. She's developmentally right where she should be. We'll see what happens with Ivy.

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Re : How big/% was your micro preemie at 2?

Postby molly419 » Thu Nov 24, 638292 3:25 am

Abigail was 1lb 1oz when she was born.

At age 2 she was around 19lbs. She is not on the charts, currently 4, and never has been.

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Re : How big/% was your micro preemie at 2?

Postby hannahsmom » Wed Nov 23, 638292 10:13 pm

My micropreemie wasn't on the charts until she was about 3. I think that is when she hit 24 pounds. At age 4 she gained and finally grew taller. She is 6 and a half and is now taller than most of the kids in her class :)

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Re : How big/% was your micro preemie at 2?

Postby pld0804 » Sat Nov 12, 638292 9:18 pm

I don't have a micro-preemie - just a preemie. Holly was born 4 weeks early. I had PIH from the beginning of my 2nd trimester and my OB thinks that was the cause of Holly's IUGR. We saw a specialist when she was about 6 months old because I was concerned that she was not doing very much 'catching up'. He reviewed her growth charts and examined her concluding that she was doing great. And said that when a baby is malnourished (IUGR), depending on how long it goes on for, it can affect their size in the end, even into adulthood. And like a previous poster said, he also told us that it was more important that she follow a growth curve even if it's at the low end. By about 9-10 months old, Holly made it to the 2nd percentile and has remained there since then (she's 15 months old now). I'm not sure what the future holds for her in terms of her size.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if catching up vs. not catching up has more to do with if there was a growth restriction and how long that went on for?

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Re : How big/% was your micro preemie at 2?

Postby emersons mom » Sat Nov 12, 638292 5:12 am

never even been on the chart here, dr and child dev dr both say that the charts are not as important as having a trend or growth curve of their own, i am hoping we maintaing the 20 pounds we have the end of the month when he turns 2, he was sick last month and then went in a huge refusal to eat phase, so just now beginning to pick at food again, he was slow to walk and sit up, but way ahead on verbal and talking according to specialist he saw last week, he has no chance of being tall, both sides of the family are all short and both husband and i and hubbys cousins are all short and were small as kids, well we are all still short, 5'5" is tall in our family!

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Re : How big/% was your micro preemie at 2?

Postby trish » Mon Oct 31, 638292 11:39 pm

My 2nd daughter was not even a preemie - she was 6 lbs 6 oz at 38 weeks (my longest pregnancy!) and she was 22 lbs 5 oz at her 2 year WBV. She's still small - maybe 26 lbs and she'll turn 3 this week.

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