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Re : Preemie Check-in

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 638290 1:51 pm
by landb
Just wanted to update everyone on Benjamin Aidan who was born last Saturday, the 22nd. He was a 33 weeker, at 3 lbs 6 oz. He has been doing great in the SCN; was on CPAP for about 18 hr, then graduated to the step down unit. He had his first weight gain yesterday, and is back over 3 lbs. Has been put on theophylline for a few As and Bs, and has the old blue light treatment, but other than that has had no health issues.

Laura and Brian

Re : Preemie Check-in

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 638290 9:42 am
by momma1408
Well this is my first time posting about my son Scott. My son was born at 32 weeks due to severe PE and HELLP on January 4, 2008. He was born in respiratory distress and had a grade 1 IVH which is resolving. He was a very poor eater so he didn't wanna gain weight and also he was jaundice. When he was born he was intibated and on a ventilator for one day then put on a C-PAP and later put onto a nasal canula. Scott is now up to 3 ounces every feed and is getting the hang of the whole gaining weight thing. And was on the billiruben lights for a while. He was in the NICU in a level 1 trauma center for 46 days. Scott was sent home on an apnea monitor on February 18, 2008. He is still on the monitor and will hopefully be off it on April 4th at his next preemie clinic appointment. He is now about 7 lbs. and will be three months old on April 3rd. He is doing good now that we finally found a formula his body will tolerate after discovering his milk protein intolerance and his soy allergy which he will hopefully outgrow!! At three months old he is just now starting to outgrow preemie clothes and growing into some of his newborn clothes. Scott is very good at holding up his head on his own and starting to make more noises and cooing!! Also it seems like he is already trying to roll over!!!! :-) Scotts attitude is already saying "developmental delays? HA I'll show you all!!" even though he is having some growth delays so I'm not expecting him to be delay free. Well that's my update!!! Congrats everyone on your babies!!!

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Posted: Sun Apr 20, 638290 6:32 am
by me2wired
Fun thread.

All right, my 6 1/2 year old girl is a former 32 weeker is a giant. Born at 4lb. 8oz. (so she was big even then) and 17" long. NICU stay was 22 days. On a vent for 3 days. Just got glasses for near-sightedness. I do wonder if it's prematurity related. She's 51 inches tall (I kid not) and 65 pounds. She's a smarty and was actually skipped a grade so she's in 1st. Tallest kid in her class and I can't even imagine if she was still in Kindergarten because she towered over everyone. Pretty sad that I was happier they could move her forward because of her size more then anything!

My 36 weeker girl is now almost 4 and 38 inches and 38 lbs. No NICU. She was born at 7lb. 1oz. (thank heavens she was early!) and 19" long. She's pure entertainment and besides mild asthma is perfectly healthy.

My lil' peanut guy is a 27 weeker born at 1 lb. 11 oz, 13" long on 08/01/07. His NICU stay was 120 days. Oscillator for 3 months, too many health problems to really even list but they include brain bleeds, pulmonary hypertension, ROP, the works. Also born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. He's now 8 months old and just hit 14 pounds and is 26 inches long. He's on target for his adjusted age of almost 5 months old though. Not even close to the growth chart yet for weight but if you go by his adjusted age he'd be at the 10% percentile. For his length, he's at about the 3% percentile and 50% adjusted age. So he's very skinny and long. He's been through 2 surgeries and we have another next month for a G-tube for his feeding and then 1 more towards the end of the year. His doctor list tops out at 14 doctors that we see on a regular basis. Including OT visits weekly, nutritionist once a month, pediatrician twice a month, and speech therapists once a week. He keeps me busy!

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Posted: Wed Mar 05, 638290 9:19 am
by colesmommy
Cole was born 8/07 at 29 weeks, 2 pounds, 9 ounces, 14 3/4 inches. He is now almost 8 months old from his birth date, 5 months corrected/adjusted and is 16 pounds 10oz-not sure the length-25-26 inches. So, apparently Neosure works. ;) He had stage 1 ROP, and that is gone, but he may have to get glasses in the fall depending on what the eye exam says. He is sitting up pretty well and trying to talk and has been reaching and trying to grab things for the past 2 weeks. He will roll from his belly to his back, but will NOT roll onto his tummy. He does not like his tummy at all, which is interesting b/c he LOVED sleeping on his tummy in the NICU, but since sleeping on his back at home, hates his tummy. He does have constipation issues, which he has had since they d/c the Reglan a few weeks before he left the NICU. So far, that's been our biggest challenge. We hope his eyes are well and that he outgrows his tummy issues. He seems to be doing well developmentally, and hope he continues to do so.

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Posted: Wed Dec 25, 638289 4:31 pm
by dawn2000k
Austin just turned 1 on 2/26/08! He was born at 34 weeks and weighed in at 4 lbs. 8 1/2 oz. and was 18 inches long. I have to laugh looking back now because at his 4 mo. checkup the doctor's mouth fell open at the size of him. Her exact words were "who ate the preemie?" I guess he caught up at that point!!

He currently stands at 32 1/2 inches and weighs 25 lbs!! He is a moose! He has a wonderful sense of humor and he is always happy. We are very blessed to have this little guy in our lives.

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Posted: Mon Dec 02, 638289 8:42 pm
by mama2twins
I am so glad to hear how well everyone is doing! Great thread Kara!
Also I second Sara with the great to *see* you Tanya!!
My 27 weekers who weighed 1 lb 15 oz and 1 lb 4 oz are now 3 1/2 years old.
They weigh 29 and 28 lbs and are 37 1/2 and 37 inches tall. They are small, but on the charts. They both are in school (Pre-K3) and doing everything age appropriately. They would be in a different class of they had been born on time, so they are the youngest with their July birthday. My plan is to continue on to Kindergarten and hold them back to repeat kindergarten if needed. We are dealing with constant colds/illnesses now that they have come out of their mommy imposed preemie bubble. (Oh the horror of things that must go on at school without me to follow behind with Purell!)
They speak english and spanish. My smaller peanut has some gross motor coordination issues, but nothing that has required therapy...but then again, I am a peds PT!

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Posted: Mon Oct 28, 638289 2:02 am
by staceynw
Yeah for Avery!! Daycare. . . watch out here she comes.

Kayce just turned 1 a few weeks ago. She's doing well developmentally. Doctor says she is on target with one year olds and not delayed any that we can see. She weighs 19 pounds - 20th percentile, height is 30 inches - 50th percentile, and her head is in the 97th percentile. (I hope that means she'll be smart like her daddy!) We've struggled with viruses this winter. She had RSV, a touch of pneumonia, and double ear infection in February. Now she has a sinus/respiratory infection again, but I think this is still the respiratory effects of the pneumonia. I don't think the amoxicillin they gave her took care of the respiratory stuff, but it got rid of her ear infection. We are waiting for her first steps any day now. She stands for quite a while on her own now. Her teething worries me. She only has the two bottom teeth and no visible signs of any more coming. She's had the two bottom since January, so over three months now since anything new. She won't say momma, but she sure loves to say dada.

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Posted: Sun Oct 27, 638289 12:33 pm
by amiejo
Alyssa was a 29 wkr weighing in at 1 lb. 9 oz. She spent 3 months in the NICU and needed oxygen until she was 8 months old. She came home at 4 lbs. She is now a very bright 1st grader who is doing wonderfully in reading. She is very healthy. She does have some vision issues with strabismus but she may have gotten that from me (same issue as a kid). She does struggle some with fine motor tasks and is a bit clumsy. She can be anxious but does great in all situations once she warms up to them. Overall, she is a delightful young lady and I cant wait to watch her grow up into a beautiful young woman.

Ty was 31 wks and 2 lbs. 14 oz. He spent 4 weeks in the NICU only needing to learn to eat and grow. He came home at 4 lbs. 3 oz. He was a trooper in the NICU and defied all the "wimpy white boy" rules. He still likes to push the limits and break some rules. At almost 3 years old, he is the most agile, funny, and spirited preschooler I know. He is also Mr. Casanova and Mr. Popularity at daycare. All the girls run up to hug him goodbye!

Cassie was born at 36 wks at 5 lbs. 6 oz. She did not need a NICU stay and has grown and developed wonderfully over the last year and a half. She is now 23 lbs and began walking at around 15 mo. She just got tubes placed in her ears and it has been a blessing to not have to deal with ear infections every other week! And her speech has tripled since right after the tubes were placed. She is a cuddle bug...loving to give hugs and kisses, but definately has her own idea on how things need to happen. She can have a little attitude. I'm a little scared for the teenage years with her.

All the kids are tall and skinny. Most people believe they are older than they really are because of how tall they are. Alyssa and Ty have never been above the 10% in weight but over the 75% in height. Cassie has been my average girl until recently when she spouted up to about 70% hieght and her weight still stays around 50%.

I love to hear how everyone's kiddos are doing. Great idea to do this thread!

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Posted: Thu Oct 17, 638289 2:27 pm
by preg29
My 29 6/7 weeker is 11 weeks, corrected one week. She is "huge" 7lbs. 3 oz, though I am not sure how long. She was 18 inches a month ago. oh yeah... born 2lbs 10 oz.

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Posted: Wed Oct 16, 638289 1:02 pm
by rebeccac
DS 2 year check-up was today.

Born at 35 weeks;7 lbs, 3.6 oz; 20 1/2 inches

Today:25 lbs; 34 inches

An EKG was performed because I mentioned that his heart rate seems fast to me sometimes (he did have episodes in the NICU too but they resolved before discharge)and it will be reviewed by the same pedi cardiologist who saw him in the NICU. Otherwise, we go back in Sept!

Loves the library, writing with pen and paper, cooking for his baby doll, and playing with his toy cars!