Preemie Check-in

Are you part of the NICU club? Do you have a child who is still struggling with the effects of being born too soon from preeclampsia? Share your concerns and stories here among parents who have been there.
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Re : Preemie Check-in

Postby jenn » Wed Jul 03, 638289 7:47 pm


Then: 29-30 wkr (anyones guess)
Now: 7 years

Then: 2.12 lbs 14 inches
Now: 40 lbs 42 inches (I think)

* Currently in 1st grade at public school with an IEP. She really struggles, but when she applies herself she knocks socks off!

* Saw an ENT and audiologist (again) yesterday and she has hearing loss in her right ear (mild - slightly moderate) and it looks like she DOES have Auditory Processing Disorder and will be undergoing testing on Monday at a specialist in Denver.
Looks like she'll end up with hearing aids, but not because she can't hear, but because aids tone out background noise and focus in on human voice. At school this could really help her stay focused.

* Working with a child psychologist whom believes Jaidyn has an anxiety disorder (no doubt from mom - poor baby)

* Diagnosed with brain injury (finger pointed at prematurity)
CT scan to come.

* Blood tests this morning to (hopefully) rule out:
Cholesterol issues
Fragile X
Chromozone study

I feel like I just wrote all this negative stuff *sigh*
There IS more to Jaidyn than her struggles.
She is a HUGE animal lover and quite possibly a real life Dr. Doolittle. She has an uncanny nack that I'm quite envious of.

And despite cutting her sisters bangs off and then the time when she was born when she mentioned she "didn't want it" (her sister that is)
She really looks out for and loves her sister to bits!
And WATCH OUT, Jaidyn might just be the puzzle champ of her time too!
She's good! Darn good!

I loved seeing/reading how everyones tiny-preemies have done thus far.
My best to everyone!

Love Jenn

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Re : Preemie Check-in

Postby mommy1st » Wed Jul 03, 638289 4:21 pm


We are a thomas the tank and bob the builder fan over here too! Braden also loves Curious George!

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Re : Preemie Check-in

Postby mnmom » Wed Jul 03, 638289 2:08 pm

Jaden's a 35 weeker; well 34 weeks 6 days, but who's counting. He is currently 23.5 to 24 lbs and 32 inches tall. He was born 10 days before Henry, so also 21 months. He is just starting to FINALLY say some words like mama, bye, no, ya and car. I think he has a future in hockey. He loves the cold and hitting things with sticks. His older sister has called him the little professor since birth. He always looks like he is contemplating the meaning of life. He sleeps through the night a few times a week, but he is my early morning coffee buddy. We are always up by 5:00........Oh, and he is still sucking his thumb.

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Re : Preemie Check-in

Postby aundapenner » Wed Jul 03, 638289 7:07 am

Henry, 34-weeker, is 21 months, 27 pounds and 32 inches tall.

He's just now starting to speak, understanding perfectly in german and english. He walks, runs, climbs, falls, bumps his head and keeps on going.

His latest kick is Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine and a cartoon here call Die Sendung mit Der Maus (Mouse stuff). I can't believe I never let him watch DVDs before (we don't have a tv). And he loves the baby einstein that identifies body parts and sings head, shoulders, knees and toes!

He still gets sick easily though ... we're working on week 2 of an ear infection and now he's got another cold.

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Re : Preemie Check-in

Postby hhbeachgurl » Tue Jul 02, 638289 8:04 pm

Ansley will be 1 next week!!! She weighs in at almost 18lbs and about 28 inches long last week when we went in due to a virus. No walking here, but cruzing all around. She can say mama, dada, nana....and she loves to pint at things when she hears you say a word she knows....her favorite thing right now is to crawl after the dogs and pull their hair LOL

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Re : Preemie Check-in

Postby mommy1st » Sun Jun 23, 638289 5:08 pm

Braden just turned 2.5 and he weighs 30lbs and 36 inches tall so he's very tall for his age. I was so glad that he FINALLY gained a pound because he was at 29pounds since he was 18 months old!!!

Braden is doing so well we've joined a Lutheran church and he loves loves it!! Everyday he asks me if we are going to church so he can play cars with his friends!:) He's still too young for the sunday school so he goes to the nursery while we go to the church service.
We are getting ready to enroll him in the preschool the church has he'll start in September and go twice a week for 2.5 hours. Sometimes I stop and think" I can't believe I'm talking about preschool already" Do any of you ever think like that at times? I'm sure you do.

Well that's my preemie( well not preemie anymore!).

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Re : Preemie Check-in

Postby season » Sun Jun 23, 638289 3:09 pm

Ezekiel, 34 wkr, is 6 yo! (Where did the time go.) At his 6yr appt in January he was 43 inches tall and 38 1/2 pounds. So he's short and skinny for his age, but really strong an agile. We'll get to 40lbs some day.

In all he's doing great. He's a kindergartener and we're homeschooling. It's been an honor to be an integral part of his learning process. He went from not liking to write or draw at all, to that being his favorite thing to do. He's always drawing something amazing and can write all his letters. Soon we will start formally learning to read (he can read a few words already cat, sun, go etc.)

He always seemed easily overstimulated and had trouble settling himself as an infant. I still see ways where this effects him now - we just continue to try and teach him tools to cope in situations that are hard for him (and avoid some of those situations of possible.)

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Re : Preemie Check-in

Postby rebeccac » Sun Jun 23, 638289 2:00 pm

Zachary will be 2 on Thursday[:0]. We go for his check-up next week so I'll update then!

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Re : Preemie Check-in

Postby mommiesangel » Sun Jun 23, 638289 1:53 pm

Oh Kara thats wonderful!! Grow Avery Grow!!

Gabrielle was a 29 & 4 day weeker-weighing in at 2 pds 10 oz at birth She is now birth age of 8 mos and 6 mos corrected age she is doing well, her last check up she was 16 pds, 11 oz.8 and was 25 & a quarter inches tall! <---ooops didn't mean to write that out LOL! We will find out at the end of this month how much she has grown and gained (eeek)

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Preemie Check-in

Postby kara » Sun Jun 23, 638289 8:52 am

Inquiring minds want to know how your preemies are doing...big or small, short or tall!

Avery is fully recovered from her heart surgery (PDA) and actually putting on a little weight...and really getting tall! She starts beack to daycare part-time in 1.5 weeks and she can't wait to see all her friends!

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