delaying kindergarten?

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delaying kindergarten?

Postby alexp » Tue Dec 18, 638283 9:20 am

I was wondering if anyone else had been in a similar situation and had advice -

My girls will be 5 (chronological age) in July. Going by adjusted age, they'll turn 5 in September.

They'll be eligible to start kindergarten this fall. However, I'm just not sure if they'll be ready. I've been tossing the idea of another year of preschool around for a while. DH feels they'll do fine in kindergarten. I had pretty much decided he was right, then one of their teachers today brought up the idea again.

Right now, they are going to two preschools - a Montessori school and then a more "traditional" school one afternoon a week. We love Montessori, but if we go for another year, we'll go with the traditional pre-K.

They are very small for their age, but have no health problems at this time. They are receiving speech therapy (Vivian still has a way to go in this), but they are very talkative girls with big vocabularies. They are doing well at both schools, no behavior issues etc. They do tend to be shy in new situations and slow to transition from one activity to the other.

I can totally see what their teacher is saying. There's just something about them that seems more like a "just turned 4" than a "4 and a half". I'm having trouble having a lucid discussion on it with DH - it's not that I think they need any extra help or therapies, they just seem to need more time.

IMO, kindergarten (and elementary school in general) is a lot more demanding than it used to be and I know a lot of people who have held their non-twin, non-preemie kids back because their birthday fell in Aug or September. In fact, if I could go back, I'm not sure that I wouldn't have held my oldest back a year.

But, as DH points out - a)the girls have really done well so far; and b) kindergarten is still 8 months away, and they will probably make a lot of developmental leaps during that time. Oh, and also that the preschool teacher has a financial interest in keeping the ladies enrolled - which I have to admit is a good point! ;)

I also tend to be over-protective as heck with these two, and sometimes I underestimate them.

I don't know what we are going to end up doing. WWYD?

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