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Re : My kindergartener has chicken pox!

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 11:01 pm
by jenchar

I'm sorry to hear that Hannah has the "pox." Hey, but at least she was decorated for Christmas. haha Just kidding.

It is always nice to hear about Hannah. She was an inspiration to me when I had Meghan 3 years ago. I also saw her picture in preemie magazine a while back.


Re : My kindergartener has chicken pox!

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 08:38 am
by hannahsmom
Thanks ladies, for your advice! We ended going to my parents' house for Christmas Eve. They said they were fine with the fact that she may still be contagious, but my mom said it looked like Hannah's pox were going away when we got there. She still has them, but they are tiny now. Her friends are all staying away, and Hannah has been sad that she has no one to play with, although her toys from Santa have been keeping her pretty busy! I hope you all had a nice holiday, and I wish you a happy new year!

Re : My kindergartener has chicken pox!

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 03:35 pm
by deerhart
Here is the thing on the vaccine, right now it is showing signs of immunity wearing after 4-5 years. Mason got a booster shot with his 5 year shots and we are still waiting on the wrod for Alex to get a booster shot (currently they are only doing booster shots at 5 years of age and the insruance won't cover it until they order it for everyone).

As for shingles, that comes from when the dormant virus in the person becomes active again. Its nasty as my dad has had it a few times.

As for Hannah, I hope she is feeling better. With the vaccine, her case should stay fairly mild. My cousin had chicken pox 3-4 times and the vaccine before she finally registered as immune!

Re : My kindergartener has chicken pox!

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 07:03 pm
by mom29
It takes more than a few days for ALL the pox to scab over. New ones appear while others are forming scabs. As long as she has blister like pox I am pretty certain she is contagious. I would check with your pediatrian and tell him your parents have cancer. Shingles lie dormant in the body and can reoccur again. You have my sympathies, six of my children had chicken pox last Christmas and some of them were very sick.

Re : My kindergartener has chicken pox!

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 06:34 pm
by amanda
I would check this with this pedi but, I was always under the impression that, once you saw the pocks, they had scabs, and the fever was gone (which we never got with our 'oh but we had the vaccine chicken pox last year - at Christmas!') then they were no longer sharing the germs. But, maybe it is different with people with compromised immune systems. I know that not going will stink, but, in this case, (with your parents ill) it might not be worth taking the risk.

What's the deal with the Christmas and the pox?
BTW - my 11 year old was required to have another chicken pox vaccine before she went into middle school. They are saying now that they don't think that the vaccine, in all cases, provides lifetime immunity - so - in her school district at least, they are requiring another around before middle school. That, after like, 3000 kids got the pox last year and it took until summer to completely stop it!


Re : My kindergartener has chicken pox!

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 06:17 pm
by jenn
There must be a crazy outbreak going around. A little girl in Jai's class too has the c/pox.
I was all "uhh, vaccuine??"
Appearently she too wasn't immune.
And oddly Jai just started to complain her arm is "too itchy". ? AH!

But anyhoo, how does that answer your question: Duh!
So here's my thoughts...
Ask mom and dad what they want to do given the facts.

If yes, great! I know you'll take all germ sharing precautions.
If no go, offer a awesome post xmas shindig.

I'm sorry to hear of the dilema, Hannah having the pox is awful add xmas, and your ailing parents (which by the way I'm really sorry to hear about that) and you've got a xmas to remember.. or not remember. :o)
It's always the crazy ones (memories) that stick out for me. Why is that?

None the less, I wish you my best and happy holiday's!
Get well soon Hannah-Banana!

Re : My kindergartener has chicken pox!

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 05:15 pm
by cindyh27

Poor Hannah... that stinks! I hope she's feeling better... not sure about the shingles... I understand your concerns... hopefully someone with some answers will chime in soon.

((hugs)) to all of you!

My kindergartener has chicken pox!

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 04:50 pm
by hannahsmom
She had the chicken pox vaccine...but the pox didn't care - they invaded my poor baby's face! It started Wednesday afternoon, when I noticed what looked like a cut below Hannah's eye. Then Friday morning when she woke up, she had three bumps - the cut had turned into a bump, and she had one on each cheek. She also had one on her scalp behind her ear. I took her into the doctor and he said he is pretty sure she has a mild case of the chicken pox. One more bump appeared on her cheek later on Friday. They aren't too big and don't itch too much, but here's the question. We are supposed to go see my parents tomorrow night for Christmas Eve dinner. My dad has prostate cancer and my mom has kidney cancer that we believe has spread to her lungs - neither one is sickly, but my mom had her kidney removed in October, and her wound is not all the way healed up. I know adults can possibly get the shingles from this virus - my parents have both had chicken pox and my dad got shingles a couple years ago - he was miserable. I read online that you are supposed to stay away from cancer patients if you have this virus. I am just wondering if the first bump appeared late Wednesday, would she still be contagious tomorrow, which is Monday? I think she was actually contagious two days before they appeared, according to an article I read. We don't want to make them sick, but I know they would love to see Hannah for Christmas. Not sure what to do.....any advice would be welcome!