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christine lyn
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Re : Preschool

Postby christine lyn » Sat Sep 12, 637998 5:30 pm

Well we had Shane's first day of school which did go well for the both of us until I got home and had a message on my machine. It was from the school who said how Shane was in school today but can not come back because the school nurse never cleared him to go. Boy was I so mad. So I e-mailed his teacher who gave me her e-mail address to say how Shane will not be in school tomorrow which is today and I explained why. My DH and I had Shane's transition meeting with the school and therapist 2 weeks ago and said how the 26th of November was his start date. They give me all the paper work to fill out and I bring it to the school last Monday and all they said was if there is a problem the school nurse will call. She did not call so I as a parent still assume Shane is starting on the 26th still, right who wouldn't think that. So off I take him which went good until the phone call. Sorry for so long I'm just venting because I"m still upset over this whole thing. Don't you think that if a new child is going to start in the school system by a certain date they would make sure everything is in order for that child to start when he's suppose to. They should have called me to say they were not ready for him yet but no they did not. SO we wait for the school nurse to call.

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Re : Preschool

Postby dohertyab » Sat Sep 12, 637998 3:07 pm

They eventually loved it and I dreaded it. They are shy kids and sat doing nothing for the first few weeks just watching everything but it wasn't a fight to get them to go so I figured they were enjoying it on some level. The teacher was wonderful in not forcing them to join, just letting them watch until they felt comfortable. Eventually they were in the thick of things.

I had a harder time since suddenly I didn't know their every step and action and the teacher couldn't give me 30min every night to tell me everything about their day and they gave me such mixture of stories themselves that I had no idea what happened during the day. I did ask the teacher if I could chat with her one afternoon for the first few weeks for 15 min or so and she was happy to arrange this. That helped me and wasn't needed after they settled in.

Good luck and the time does go by sooooo fast!

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Re : Preschool

Postby cindyh27 » Tue Sep 01, 637998 6:50 pm


Just wanted to wish you two good luck... exciting and sad all at the same time... they grow up so fast! Good luck :)

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Re : Preschool

Postby mama2twins » Tue Sep 01, 637998 7:15 am

Was today his first day?
I tried to start my girls in a program when they were 2 1/2 and they just wre not ready. They cried and cried and I gave up after 2 weeks. They started again at a different school right after their 3rd birthday and it made a world of difference because I think they understood better. They cried the first week (an I sat in the parking lot and cried too), but I would call and the teachers would tell me that they had stopped after 10 minutes. The first couple of weeks I picked them up early so they would understand t hat mommy is coming back. I started with 1 hour and gradually got to the full 4 1/2 hours over the course of the 2 weeks. It was an easy transition and I am SO glad I stuck with it through the tears. It is so good for them to be around other kids and in a learning environment at this age. The EPICure study of preemie (they looked at 26 weekers and younger) even recommended that preeemies be in school by age 3, so you are doing the right thing.
Be prepared for alot of illnesses though if he has not been in daycare. My girls have been sick with colds and ear infections all but probably 6 days since Sept 4th. The pedi says it takes about 6 months before they start to really build a stronger immune system.
Good luck and let us know how it goes or already went!

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Re : Preschool

Postby jenn » Wed Jun 24, 637998 10:54 am

Bring tissues!
Not for him, but for you!
I've don't it twice, never a dry eye in the house.
(ps. I always wait until I'm otta' sight) :o)

Best wishes!

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Re : Preschool

Postby kara » Wed Jun 24, 637998 7:33 am

We haven't hit preschool yet, though she goes to group daycare in a school type setting. She absolutely adores going there, and has a total blast. The first couple of weeks were rough. Hopefully this age it will be a little easier. Ultimately it was harder on me than her though. I'd leave the room and she'd stop crying in a matter of minutes usually. I think it also depends on personality. If he is an outgoing type, he may do better faster than say, the shy type who may take longer to adjust!

No advice, just wishing lots of luck and fun!

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heather j
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Re : Preschool

Postby heather j » Wed Jun 24, 637998 6:35 am

Good luck! It took time for Nicolas to adjust to being left (and more for me to adjust to leaving him!). I'd spend the weekend talking it up, maybe a trip to the store to buy something for 'school' like a lunchbag or something? Hope it goes well for him (and you [;)])!

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Re : Preschool

Postby josiah1112 » Wed Jun 24, 637998 4:29 am

Good luck with pre school!!Let us know how it goes!

christine lyn
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Postby christine lyn » Wed Jun 24, 637998 4:16 am

Well my son Shane turned 3 last Friday and starts preschool next Monday. Any advice from anyone on the school thing. It seems like I just had him and I'm sending him off to school. He's usually good when I leave but with school being new and not knowing anybody I don't know how he'll be. Guess I'll find out Monday.

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