patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

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Re : patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Postby kara » Thu Aug 11, 637678 9:38 am

Thanks for the info ladies! I do hope that it closes on it's own...glad to hear it has happened with others! I know that it will be more difficult for me that for far!! Thanks for all the support! I'm really needing it lately.


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Re : patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Postby onfaith » Wed Aug 10, 637678 6:33 pm

Sorry I am late on this, I've been out of town. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this......I can't imagine the range of emotions you must be feeling. My Sophie had a severly enlarged PDA....we tried the indomethacin, but were not able to finish because she developed a rare side affect of a GI tear. After they controlled the bleeding with her tear, she was transferred and after discussing the options, surgery was performed within two days. She was 5 weeks old. The size of Sophie's PDA would have caused congestive heart failure, so there was no question that it needed to be done immediately so waiting further was not an option. She has a tiny clip which was placed using video-assisted thorascopic surgical repair. It is a mildly invasive procedure, she has three scars. One about an inch long on her left shoulder blade, one under her arm, and one on her side. Pediatric Cardiac catheterization is another procedure used and is typically used on older children like your sweet Avery Ann. It is used for multiple reasons, usually diagnostics, but can be used for corrective procedures such as yours also. It is alot less invasive then surgery. During the procedure, the patient is sedated and catheters are placed into blood vessels in the groin. The catheters are then fed to the heart and pictures are taken of the ductus arteriosus with a dye. Two methods can be used to close the ductus. If it is small, a coil-like device may be placed within the vessel which will expand to block the blood flow. If the ductus is larger, a flexible device can be placed within the ductus as a "plug". From what I've read and been told in the past, the risk of complications is very low. You're probably going to have a harder time with it than your daughter.

I'll be thinking of you.......I can't imagine. She will be up and running in no time. PLEASE keep us posted...I am anxious to hear.

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Re : patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Postby jenchar » Fri Jun 03, 637678 12:00 pm

My Gracie had indomethacin to close her PDA while in the NICU. It worked.

My Meghan, the micropreemie, had mild PDA. She didn't have surgery or medicine. We could hear hers until around 6 months old, and then it disappeared.

Sorry to hear that Avery is still affected by it. Hang in there!


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Re : patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Postby fiona » Fri Jun 03, 637678 6:32 am


I'm so sorry to hear Avery may need surgery. I know even straightforward procedures are very hard to cope with - the fear gets you every time. Jay has had general anaesthesia twice and both times I felt like they were draining the life out of me. We went from one appointment where all was OK, to the next week where he needed emergency eye surgery - it was a huge blow (he was 18 months). But little ones bounce back faster than us grown ups, and I'm sure Avery will take it in her stride (even if mom gains a few more grey hairs!).

Thinking of you.

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Re : patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Postby jenn » Thu Jun 02, 637678 10:06 pm

Hey there.
I'm so sorry to hear it didn't close on it's own.
Jaidyn DID have PDA and 6 rounds of meds (2x as much as normal) and didn't make it even budge.
At that point the pediatric cardiologist said Jaidyn heart (left side) was twice the size it was suppose to be and she was really struggling.
They had to surgically close it her first week of life, and that was hard because she was under 2 lbs at that point. But she pulled through like a champ. She did have a minor infection afterward (common I'm told) and then she continued to get better at that point.
But to hear that a baby has gone 11 months with it still open??
I was under the impression it was a very serious condition that would need imediate treatment. I guess I was wrong. The good news is that it's not causing any medical problems and your under dr's orders.
I'm sure these (pda) things must come in different degrees of serverity, and your pumpkin's pda is something they felt they could come back to.
None the less it's all scary and you love your baby to no end and to hear something isn't on the ball is an emotional time. For that I send out my hugs of support and love!
Keep us in the know on what you find out.
Always here for ya'.


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Re : patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Postby kim » Thu Jun 02, 637678 1:43 pm

Just wanted to let you know that the same things happened with my daughter. She also had an ASD with her PDA... At her 2 year check-up, both holes had completely closed themselves, yet we had been told that surgery was imminent at her 1 year appt. Anyway, just wanted to share.

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Re : patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Postby sarab » Wed Jun 01, 637678 9:39 am

Just when you think you're "out of the woods"...

I'm sorry that this has come up for you and Avery. Maggie had a PDA that closed with the second round of meds in the NICU. It was looking like we were going to have to go the ligation route, and from everything we were told it is very quick and simple, simply going through a tiny incision between the ribs. It sounds like the catheterization is even less-invasive - that would be great!

I know that it's always rough when something's "wrong" with our little miracles, but it sounds like this shouldn't be too big of a deal when you look at how far she's already come. Good luck with the family this weekend, and try to keep your chin up!

Thinking of you,

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Re : patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Postby kara » Mon May 23, 637678 7:27 am

From the paperwork I'm reading it looks as though they will do a catheterization thru the groin and put a coil in the artery to block it. Guess that is better than even the ligation. And Michelle you are right. I would much rather this be performed on a healthy 2 year old instead of a sickly 3lb baby. :-)

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Re : patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Postby mama2twins » Mon May 23, 637678 7:15 am

I am sorry that you got bad news today. My girls did not have PDAs, but almost every other micropreemie in the NICU did when we were there. The ones that did have the ligation, I know it was a simple, quick, and safe procedure. They would do it right in the NICU. The scar is also small. I know that none of this makes you feel any better because you don't want to put Avery through anything at all and you want to all be done with already. But, if she has to have the procedure, I would have to feel better with any type of procedure being performed on a healthy almost 2 year old vs a less than 3 lb itsy bitsy in the NICU.
Hopefully you will get through the weekend with not too much stress about it!

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Re : patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Postby sonnet15 » Mon May 23, 637678 7:13 am

*hugs* I"m sorry to hear about this. Jack's pda got closed with meds, although we had a scare where they thought it had opened up again. We'll be praying for you, good luck hon!

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