Ashlyn's 2 week check up -- BF and sleep issues

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Re : Ashlyn's 2 week check up -- BF and sleep issues

Postby arj » Thu Apr 20, 2006 00:17 am

That's great!

Yes, those "36 weekers" can kind of fool you. Even though many, like Ashlyn, are big, you still have to remember that they are "near term" and still were a little early. It usually takes them 3-4 weeks to get up to speed with breastfeeding. They tend to tire out quicker, as you've probably noticed. It's awesome that you are pumping and that your supply is doing well. Another couple of weeks and hopefully you'll be free of the shield/pump! Sounds like you have a great LC to support you.

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Ashlyn's 2 week check up -- BF and sleep issues

Postby thw75 » Wed Apr 19, 2006 07:59 am

So I had Ash's 2 week checkup, which was actually 19 days instead of 14 days. She is still 1 oz under birthweight, but has showed steady gain since leaving the hospital of 1 oz per day, so they are not concerned. As for her marathon BFing (1 hour per time), the LC gave me a slightly bigger nipple sheild to help quicken the flow, and also suggested that I pump and give her expressed bottles at night so that I can tank her up and get her and me back to sleep (after numerous 3 hours of sleep nights). So we've been doing that and it seems a little better. Last night she slept 11:30-2 and 3-5:30. The LC also watched a whole feeding and said Ash has a very strong sucking reflex but appears a bit lazy -- my supply is huge so she isn't really working to hard to get milk and is content to sip and rest, sip and rest. She said it should get better (i.e. more efficient) as Ash gets older/bigger (she's still not 40 weeks yet). Her jaundice is fine, they said its no worse and could last up to 6 weeks, so just to watch it. So all in all the appt was reassuring -- I was worried she wasn't transferring enough milk since she takes so long but the LC said based on her weight gain and BF technique, she is doing fine, just sort of lazy. I'm still pumping several times a day, so my supply is enough for twins -- at least I have lots of extra milk in the freezer for future use! Anyway, that's the update here. I am surviving my first week as a 'single mom' with my DH back to work.

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