Adjusted age

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Re : Adjusted age

Postby whosures » Thu Dec 29, 2005 12:31 am

We were told just like above that they stop adjusting at 2 because there really isn't that much developmentally different between a 24 month old and a 27 month old. Our EI goals were always adjusted for her age, with some give for delays. For instance, she was born March 2, due June 9th. So they wanted her to walk by the following August. Fortunately, she was walking in March so we didn't have to worry about it. Of course, that resulted in her being "thrown out" of EI. Our developmental pediatrician at our hospital wanted to test her at 18 months adjusted because he felt that was a good indicator of whether she was caught up. If she did well, she could graduate, if she showed any delays, she would stay an active patient at the hospital. She did graduate so since then, she's been considered "caught up". I still make adjustments, personally, though. She's almost four but as far as her "schoolwork", I compare her more to kids I know who are 3 1/2, KWIM? And now we have the same concern about kindergarten that I've seen elsewhere. In Indiana, the cutoff is the beginning of June so she probably would have been one of the oldest in her class. Instead, she'll be one of the youngest. Luckily, we have her at a La Petite so she'll do pre-K next year and I think we'll have a pretty good idea of whether she should repeat pre-K or go ahead and jump to Kindergarten. Physically, she's so much smaller than most of the kids in her class.

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Re : Adjusted age

Postby deerhart » Sat Dec 24, 2005 01:09 pm

Another thing to consider is that at age 2 the ranges for what is normal development get much bigger. Its more along the lines of if the child doens't do this by age 3 then if the child doesn't do this by age 26 months or 28 months etc... SO it won't neceissarily mean that the next day he will be considered delayed, but rather he would be on the back end of what may be normal.

mikeys mom
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Re : Adjusted age

Postby mikeys mom » Fri Dec 23, 2005 11:48 am

You definitely hit a hot topic. My mother works for two developmental psychologists who feel that preemies do not "Catch up" until they are five and then even then may have issues. As far as my pediatrician he saws 2 1/2. Well I am somewhere in the middle. I think Mikey is about equal to the other kids in his class however as far as potty training well maybe we are having preemie issues or maybe he is just a lazy boy, definitely, and has no interest in it and I am not going to push him even though the ped says I should.

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Re : Adjusted age

Postby jenandtheboys » Fri Dec 23, 2005 11:03 am

As always, thanks moms and dads for your support and input! Really, in my view, the only area in which Ethan has the potential to not be "caught up" by his 2nd birthday is in speech. And, that could really take off soon and even get him caught up with that too, you never know. I just feel like we're doing all we can, but it asks a lot of these little guys (especially the LITTLE ones [;)]) to learn, achieve and accomplish MORE in their first 2 years of life than the typical child is expected to do, kwim? And starting out at a pound and a half certainly gives him an uphill battle, but he's done absolutely AWESOME at so many things up to this point. He is already exhibiting some "terrible two" behavior too, by the way! [xx(]

Anyway, let's keep it going and see what others think. Happy Holidays to all!

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Re : Adjusted age

Postby jenchar » Thu Dec 22, 2005 07:09 pm


We've been told the age 2 rule. Supposedly the 18 months rule is a bit outdated, based on older research. I think one of the other ladies mentioned the difference between preemie and micropreemie. I wholeheartedly believe there is huge difference between the two. Gracie was a preemie. She was all caught up by 12 months old. Meghan was a micropreemie, and well, we're still working on it.

Our pedi believes that it may take Meghan until she is 3 to get caught up on her gross motor skills. Jen, I guess what you are seeing is that each provider has a different idea of what is the correct or incorrect age to adjust for prematurity. It can be frustrating, but you know best how Ethan is doing. Hang in there, and I love this dialogue. I learn so much from you ladies!!!!

Happy holidays everyone...I'm having my family over...I've got to get offline and clean plus watch Meghan walk around some more. I'm still so in awe of that right now. YAY!


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Re : Adjusted age

Postby wcarder » Thu Dec 22, 2005 03:49 pm

Kenz didn't walk until she was over 15 months old, and although she was a preemie, she was FAT by then. I remember a woman at church coming up to me (as I held her) and she said (to my girly) "Well, your mommy is just gonna' carry you around until you are bigger than she is..." I forced a laugh but in my head was like "Look, lady - I'm not doing this for my health, The kid doesn't walk....." Anyway, that of course caused me to worry, called the ped, made an appt., carried my big fat refusing-to-walk baby into the office and was like "what the?????" They of course gave me the "two year" speech about how Kenz really should be barely one, and not all babies are walking by then. (she didn't have any teeth until she was 15 mos either, FYI.) Anyway, eventually, Kenz walked (my back is grateful), she eventually got teeth (how did my once three pounder get so fat with no teeth???? hehe...)
I don't really know where I'm going with this - just that I know where your frustration is coming from. I still consider her "adjusted age" and she is six - even though I know I shouldn't. But she started first grade on her sixth birthday. Had she been born around her due date, she would only be in kindergarten. There is a huge difference between first grade and kindergarten, and I questioned whether or not I should have started her in Kindergarten last year - maybe she wasn't ready. My sister was PG at the same time I was - due one week BEFORE me. But, since Kenz was premature, she is in first grade, and my niece - conceived before Kenz - is in kindergarten......
It's hard to know if and when a child - or a parent - will ever stop being "affected" by prematurity. I think to put a two year cap on it just causes a lot of stress for parents of preemies - because then the pressure is on, you know? and even full term two year olds could be a little behind -or advanced- because every child is different. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, yes, most docs say kids should be on track by two, but what is "on track" really? I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself or on Ethan, and of course address any concerns with your PED. (0:

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Re : Adjusted age

Postby anathor21 » Thu Dec 22, 2005 02:23 pm

I think that the "adjusted" vs "actual" age difference becomes less and less important at kids get older simply because almost all milestones have ranges - as kids get older, the ranges become wider - thus the difference between "6 months actual and 4 months adjusted" is more important than the difference between "24 months actual 22 months adjusted" - when the milestones start having a 6 month "normal range of develompent" our 2 month difference gets lost in the blurr of statistics.
For my part I'm concerned about being anywhere in the lower end of the range (i.e. almost, but not quite delayed) - afterall, there really aren't any absolute lines anywhere on these things.

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Re : Adjusted age

Postby missgamecock » Thu Dec 22, 2005 02:06 pm

Kirsten and Sara were not as early as your babies. But this is what they told me. Kirsten's 1st ped said that they adjust age up to age 2. That they are supposed to have caught up by then. However, Kirsten was caught up in development skills but not in physical growth. She spurted between ages 4-6. We have a different ped now with Sara. Love him. Anyway, for physical things (such as shots) she gets it according to her chronoligical age. However, her development milestones are adjusted. So instead of doing 6 month old baby things, she is looking for 5 month old baby things. Her ped said he would be keeping her on the milestone adjusted age till she is two. Sara is not as active as Kirsten was in certain things. She still hasn't rolled over yet. I am hoping she is just lazy. Where as Kirsten rolled over at 5 weeks! It took her a while to start batting at toys. She doesn't do raspberries. However, she smiles all the time, gives great belly laughs, is trying desperately to sit up on her own, and when laying down, if she can get her belly off the floor, I swear she would try and crawl. So it may be a different age for different kids but all in the realm of normal. Anyway, I don't know how to answer #2 for you. Seems silly that it is normal for 3/7 but on 3/8 you are suddenly behind 3 months. Fortunately Kirsten was caught up on developmental milestones. Sara on the other hand, I'm a tad bit worried about. Good luck.

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Re : Adjusted age

Postby molly419 » Thu Dec 22, 2005 01:57 pm


Yes, I have been told that 2 is when the child "should" be all caught up I just laugh because that is not going to happen with Abigial. I think the 2 year old rule is based on preemies, and not micro-preemies.

I feel your frustrations. I honestly use to get SO stressed out, and still do that she is not where she should be. The way I look at it, is that she is making progress, at a steady rate. It is not "by the books" by any means, but nothing about her birth weight, and start in life was "by the books." On a medical standpoint, she should not even be here. So, Abigial has her own pace, and the doctors are finally fine with her pace.

Im not sure if I answered your question, I think I just went off on my own rant. I want you to realize that even if Ethan is not exactly where he should be, he is doing WONDERFUL, and try not to worry too much!

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Adjusted age

Postby jenandtheboys » Thu Dec 22, 2005 01:43 pm

Ok, so can I start a discussion here and see what you moms think or have been told?

With both of mine being preemies and going to follow-up appts. at developmental pediatrics, etc.........we have been told over and over about the adjusted age concept (based on the baby's original due date) and that you STOP adjusting it when the child turns 2. However, here are my issues/concerns with that:

1) one doc recently told us that in some cases or some "schools of thought" you actually stop adjusting the age when the child turns 18 months instead of 2. Has anyone else heard this? [xx(] [:0]

2) I understand that the theory is that the child will catch up in terms of skill development, etc by the time he/she is 2, and that's why the age no longer needs adjusting to compensate for prematurity. But, I sometimes think about the fact that my Ethan's next birthday (he'll be 2!) is March 8. SO, this means that on March 7 it's ok for him to be as much as 3 months "behind" on skills (since he was 3 months premature) but that on March 8 suddenly he is DELAYED!?!

I guess you can tell that this is a sore spot with me. I want to see if we can start a dialogue here about how others feel, and what you've been told along the way on this topic. For me, it's just frustrating for docs or therapists to keep saying "he's doing great, he's keeping up with adjusted age," etc and then all of a sudden he's NOT doing great any more, when in reality nothing's changed about his abilities, kwim? Thanks for listening to me vent. [:)]

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