Wednesday 6/15/05 Weigh in

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Wednesday 6/15/05 Weigh in

Postby akemt » Tue Jun 14, 2005 05:15 pm

Sorry to start it a little early, but I'm leaving too early in the AM to get up and sign on! LOL Hope you don't mind...

I've been at 213 for 2 days in a row now! WOOHOO! I'm stating to see the excitement of getting down to 210 or even lower. What a difference a pound makes [;)] I know I shouldn't weigh daily, but I SO have to. LOL So, I guess that puts me at about a pound a week. I'm so amazed how much the exercise alone is doing. I've changed my diet, but don't feel like I'm dieting. So awesome! But, I also think I finally have a true goal. I want to run a 5k or three next Summer. If I can keep up losing a pound a week (or surpass it should I get the incentive), then I will have lost about 52 pounds by that point and would be in pretty good shape. I'm still wanting to run so badly, but don't dare push myself past the short run I do on my last mile of walking. After trying the "couch" plan that one day, I didn't run for a week or more and don't want to repeat it. It is most definately my lungs that are holding me back at the moment (rather, the extra effort placed upon my lungs by my weight lol). I'm more excited to start running than to wear smaller clothes. How weird is that?

Anyway, anyone know a rough estimate of how many pounds per dress size? Not that it matters and I know it totally depends on the person, but I am curious how far I have to go.

Best of luck to everyone on the scales tomorrow!

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