Can I join in?

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Can I join in?

Postby tracey » Mon Jun 13, 2005 06:42 pm

Wow! I have been a part of this forum for over a year now, and didn't even know this existed! I can't believe it!

Anyway, I am so glad this is here. I think I need to officially make my weight loss goal and "put it out there" -- you know, telling other people about it might help make me more accountable.

The history: never really had much of a problem with weight, though before ever getting pregnant, I would have loved to have been about 10 pounds lighter (more for vanity's sake [:p]). After Ila was born, I had about 20 pounds to lose, which I did in about 3 months, because I had the incentive of trying to get healthy and being at a good weight before trying again. I was pregnant again 4.5 months after we lost Ila, and this time around, gained about 50 pounds! [:0] Mind you, a lot of it was water, as I weighed 35 pounds less right off the bat. These last 15 pounds need to come off! Especially so I can fit into some clothes! In the end, I would looooove to lose about 25, to get to that weight where I really felt good about myself (it is well within a healthy range -- nothing too extreme!).
Anyway, I guess I will deal with the first 15 for right now, then "reassess" once I get there! LOL! I'm breastfeeding though, and a bit nervous about affecting my supply -- any advice out there? I understand even while BFing, you can lose about a pound a week???
I guess my plan of attack is more-or-less to still get the calories, though through lots of fibrous things like fruits and veggies. I'm so glad it's summer now, as I live in Canada, and fruits and veggies aren't so great the rest of the year! I also have to get back to the gym -- hoping I can get there this week, but probably more like next, as things are soooooo busy in the evenings right now (have to wait till DH gets home to care for Lily).
Anyway, sorry for the novel [:I] -- looking forward to cheering each other on!

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