Gettin' Serious (more of a vent)

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Gettin' Serious (more of a vent)

Postby melissam » Wed May 11, 2005 06:00 pm

Okay girls I need some help. I MUST get off 25 - 50 lbs by the beginning of September. 2 weeks before Kelsi's due date I crashed my new lifestyle change. I am now enjoying chocolate, cake, cookies and every other illegal thing you can come up with.

I started on the South Beach diet. I dropped like 7 lbs...not bad, but then I stalled. I dropped inches - like 12 total so far (Since Feburary). So that has gone well also. Well, Kelsi was due April 18th. I have been so bad since then and I can't seem to get with it again. HELP!!!!

I know I need to make this change. I have so many complications stacked against me when i become pregnant again[xx(], this is the only one I can control and I am not controlling it. This is really frustrating. [V] I know that I will have surgery again. I will also have a LOT of bed rest. The doctors have assured me of that.

I had the candle lit under my butt for a while....but like I said, about two weeks before my angels due date I just couldn't handle it anymore and added back in the sugary stuff. It didn't even taste good at the time. GRRRRR.

Okay, I just had to get this out there. I don't know what to do to get the candle lit again. I guess it is really hard. I have friends here that say they want to drop their weight and get in shape...but none of them ever start. I just need a really motivated buddy or something to keep me in line.

If you are still here and have read this entire mumble of junk - thank you. Thanks for letting me vent. Here is to skinnier days for all of us.

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