reading through medical records

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Re : reading through medical records

Postby norlisa k » Thu Apr 28, 2005 07:39 am

Hi Alissa,

I'm glad that you found us, too. [;)]

So sorry to hear that you lost your son, Dominic, this nasty disease is so cruel.

You will find some wonderful women here, and you'll never be alone.


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reading through medical records

Postby mom2tori » Wed Apr 27, 2005 08:59 am

It seems that most of you here know all about what was going on with your body during your pregnancy and labs and such. Since I had Dominic when I was just 16 I didn't really pay attention to these things and even though I was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia I did not feel sick in the least. My mom has had the medical records of mine from that time for a while and I just started looking through them and can't believe some of the blood pressures, weight gain and labs. When admitted to the hospital bp was 165/104 and got as high as 172/118. That just amazes me! I did NOT feel sick!!! Over the 10 days I was hospitalized before Dominic was born it was common for me to gain 3-4 pounds overnight, no wonder I didn't fit on the scale anymore!!![:I] I am just reading through all of that and can't believe that I am still alive, and I can't believe I went through PE a second time with my daughter. I also was upset with some of the nurses notes like after Dominic had already died that I was "crying appropriatley" well that is good-I would hate to be inappropriate![}:)]Since not many people realize how serious this was and appreciate the fact that I am finally blessed with a daughter who is completely healthy with no problems I knew that I would get the understanding here. Thank you all for being so wonderful to each other and providing such a comforting place where it is next to impossible to feel alone. Thank you all.

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