Article suggesting mom avoid OBs?

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Re: Article suggesting mom avoid OBs?

Postby MomTimesThree » Sun Jul 02, 639871 8:38 am

I don't mind this one as much as others... I agree it could use a note about how wonderful it is to be able to get the baby out ASAP when needed... and that inductions are sometimes not by choice and a heavily weighed decision... as is the case for most of us here.

I do like that one of the suggestions is to ask your doctor what their C/S rate is and what it is at the hospital. I think its something "normal" expecting moms don't think to ask- back when I was "normal" (ok.. normal-er ;) ) I would have never thought to ask that... and I think how the doctor answers and how forth coming they are with their decision making would actually tell you a lot about your confidence and comfortableness with their care.

I see where it can rub the wrong way- I think all these articles do need maybe a clearer caveat that if momma or baby's welfare is in danger happily induce and C/S away!
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Article suggesting mom avoid OBs?

Postby jmom08 » Wed Jun 21, 639871 2:41 pm

Just saw this article, and thought I would post and see if others had thoughts! It suggests that mothers seek out a family practictioner or midwife instead of an OB in order to avoid a c-section, and I immediately thought of past discussions on the PF forum about negative experiences with family practitioners or midwifes who had minimal knowledge about preeclampsia. While I support giving women full information about the benefits/risks of vaginal vs. c-section births, I feel like I start to twitch a bit when I see articles that seem to be telling women not to trust their doctors when it comes to getting the baby out, and suggesting that women should be taking charge of making medical decisions that in certain scenarios wouldn't be wise (such as avoiding induction, for those of us who have needed it because of PE). ... -c-section

I know the c-section debate is sensitive, but in this article, I also took issue with the lack of accurate statistics on VBAC risks. I had considered a VBAC myself between my pregnancies, but when I looked at the risks compared to the risk of a repeat c-section, it was out of the question for me.

I thought of writing a letter to the editor to request an addition to the article mentioning medical circumstances, such as preeclampsia, in which induction or in some cases a c-section may be necessary to save the life of mother and child. Also, it would be nice if the author might add a clear disclaimer that women should not take the article as a suggestion they should delay lifesaving interventions. I did appreciate that the author mentioned up front that she was grateful for her own emergency c-section, and usually I am in favor of empowering patients and partnerships between patients and doctors, but my mind tends to think "but what if she's in danger from preeclampsia?" when I read articles like this one. So I would love the thoughts of other PE moms. :)

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