Dreams and Nightmares

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Re: Dreams and Nightmares

Postby rbea » Thu Apr 14, 639887 1:09 am

I had a lot of ominous dreams before the loss of my baby too. About smokestacks (something bad coming), purses symbolize the womb, being in a wheelchair... I had many ominous dreams that now I feel guilty that I didn't trust myself to know something bad would happen.

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Re: Dreams and Nightmares

Postby flori » Sat Sep 29, 639579 12:00 am

I didn't have a dream, but I have a somewhat similar story.

The day after Gracie was born she was doing great in the NICU, so my husband went home to shave (to be presentable for her) and get some things we needed. I was by myself in the hospital room, trying to nap because the mag had me feeling so funny and they woke me up every hour the night before to take my bp. Anyway, I laid there for hours with an uneasy feeling, really bothered by something but I couldn't figure out what. When my husband got back I sent him to see Gracie. He was gone a while and when he got back he said the doctors sent him away because they were trying to intubate her but couldn't. I guess they didn't want him to be there to watch. The doctor came in an hour or so later, telling us we had to come because she wasn't doing well. We took her off of the machines shortly after and I finally got to hold her.

I know my heart knew something was wrong, even before anything bad happened. I feel incredibly guilty sometimes because I wonder if things would have turned out differently if I had gone to her when I first started feeling strange. Like maybe she was calling out to me because she wanted to be with me. :( How heartbreaking.
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Re: Dreams and Nightmares

Postby princess purr » Wed Sep 19, 639579 8:21 am

The dolphine story just breaks my heart. I am such an animal person, it is so sad that they suffer the way we do. I had an odd dream when I was pregnant to, that I had a very very tiny baby, and I lost it, like I couldn't find it, I put it, I thought I put it in the crib and when I went back she wasn't there. I finally found her and she was dehydrated and I had to try to save her, but I couldn't make her drink and didn't know what to do. I hear that pregnant women often have crazy dreams though and something bad doesn't always happen. We might just remember our dreams so much more because something bad really didn't happen. Also that song my immortal was always playing in my head when I was pregnant... "These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just to real, there are just some things that time can not erase" that was before I loss the baby, so maybe my body just knew something was going to go wrong before I did.
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Re: Dreams and Nightmares

Postby LauraBeck12 » Mon Sep 17, 639579 3:58 am

I have always dreamt of dolphins my entire life. I am in the Veterinary field and have spent a lot of time with dolphins so i am in touch with their behavior. Something about them deeply resonates with me.
That didn't change when i was pregnant. Except i dreamt of them MORE.
and the dreams we always of their babies dying.
When a dolphin experiences perinatal loss, they often push their baby to the surface trying to get it to breathe- for hours sometimes even days.
They are grieving, they are working through it, trying to come to terms.
They do this until they are emotionally and physically exhausted.
I know a dolphin personally that when she lost her baby she tried to revive it for days and finally flung the baby towards a human that the dolphin trusted. Almost saying, please take my baby, i can't do this anymore.

Anyways. my detailed dreams, i now know were my body and minds way of telling me that something was VERY wrong. My son died at 3 days old in the NICU. Crazy how my brain knew that i had severe pre-e before anyone else did.
Since the loss last year, i have not had a single dolphin dream.... strange.
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He lived for 3 days in the NICU , autopsy said "lung failure" was cause of death.


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Dreams and Nightmares

Postby wooleybear » Wed Jul 13, 639566 10:32 am

I had and now realize a very prophetic dream/nightmare about a week before I lost Soleil. Did anyone else? I have to write about it, it has been haunting me ever since. In the past I have looked up meanings on dreammoods.com and tried to study what symbols mean. Sometimes Im stooped, but this one makes all too much sense but at the same time a wake up call to the nightmare experience I was about to endure.

The dream started out with me at the airport( arrivals=birth, departures=death). I was waiting on the tarmac for the plane, and one group of people were getting on this big jet. Then they said there was no room for me on that one, I had to take the small bus, I was really nervous and wanted to get on with everyone else on the big jet, but it took off and I was forced to get on the flying bus that had maternity words all over it, like "labor" "delivery", "Maternity", it was like a hospital bus or something( to dream of a deserted airport means your goals will be on hold and bus=temporary setbacks in your goals, getting on the bus=following the crowd). We are flying along and then we hit the Appalachian trail area and we have to make an emergency landing or we crashed, can't remember(mountains=major challenges, bus crash=means you need to venture on your own, be more independent). But I was frantic. I remember we landed in Shenandoah Valley. I was trying to fly home to Cleveland to see my family, I was half way there. I was all of sudden with my friend Andy who is an avid back packer in the middle of the Applachian mountains. He tells me we will have to walk the rest of the way on the Appalachian trail. I tell him there is no way, we have to get a ride.

We walk the trails for a little, then I find this hut that was like a little corner store, the guy tells us that if we have time to wait around, we can catch the guy with magic quarters to give us a ride(quarters=incompleteness, you are not feeling whole). The guy comes and we catch the magic quarters to get a car. Andy drives and Im in the passenger side(another sign that Im not in control of my life right now, Im relying on the driver and following the goals of others, not my own). Then we start driving through mounds of snow(snow=feelings of frigidity, unexpressed emotions, feeling alone,driving in it, I need to be extra cautious of how I approach my goals). Then I wake up/dream stops.

I have had dreams of snow/buses, letting others drive the car for some time now. I don't understand, I know all my friends have kids, I want that too, I don't really feel like wanting a child in my life is just me following the crowd. I don't know besides that, it is just an eerily creepy dream for me, and every morning I wake I think about it. Has anyone else had a similar experience before they lost a child or almost did from pre-e????? :|

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