dollhouse suggestions (completely OT)...

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Re : dollhouse suggestions (completely OT)...

Postby season » Tue Jun 22, 638923 6:33 am

We have this plan toys dollhouse: ... =8-3-spell

Then I bought a variety of accessories some used Little Tykes stuff off e-bay and some wooden accessories by plan toys.

This one looks great though - as it's already furnished: ... 22&sr=8-32

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Re : dollhouse suggestions (completely OT)...

Postby jenn » Tue Apr 13, 638923 5:10 pm

I have girly girls - happy to suggest.
My girls have the Melissa and Doug one... eh. It's ok.
We've been through the Fisher Price one with all the cute little room accessories... eh.
But the one they love the best is the really tall one from Target.
I tired to get the link to show you, but for some reason the picture won't come up for me.
So I borrowed the link from toysrus to show you. ... Id=3454148

My girls <3 this one!
Plus the pieces are a little bigger :o)
Happy shopping!!

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Re : dollhouse suggestions (completely OT)...

Postby jend01 » Tue Apr 13, 638923 9:20 am

Well if you want quality that will last, check out Pootery Barn. I have a few friends who have girls and they each have a doll house from there and they love them. They are expensive though.

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Re : dollhouse suggestions (completely OT)...

Postby aggie95mom » Tue Apr 13, 638923 6:20 am

Friends of ours have a Melissa and Doug house, but I don't know if it was a recent purchase/still available. My son loves it :) I saw something similar at Target during Christmas and you could buy a lot of accessories for it.

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Re : dollhouse suggestions (completely OT)...

Postby annes » Tue Apr 13, 638923 4:00 am

Wish I knew the answer because I see myself in the same situation in about 1 year and a half! Although Clover does love dragons and dinosaurs, she loves her dollies, too!

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dollhouse suggestions (completely OT)...

Postby heather j » Sat Apr 03, 638923 8:18 am

Ella's third birthday is FAST approaching ::gasp::. I'm thinking she'd love a dollhouse and furniture and tiny people. I'd like to get something wooden that will last, but I'm completely lost in my searches online. I can buy Thomas the Train accessories in my sleep thanks to years of buying them for Nicolas, but dollhouses? What brands should I be googling (so far I'm up to my eyeballs in Plan Toys, etc)? What do your little girls like? Help? ;)

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