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Re : woww...

Postby amiejo » Fri Oct 08, 638619 8:18 pm

That's great news. Congrats!

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Re : woww...

Postby catherine » Sat Sep 04, 638619 8:55 am

Aren't you totally made of AWESOME or what?????? I'm sure that your clients are going to miss you madly though!

Congratulations, you're a worthy addition to your profession.

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Re : woww...

Postby caryn » Sat Sep 04, 638619 3:19 am

Jane, that's wonderful news. :-)

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Re : woww...

Postby lgw » Fri Sep 03, 638619 10:20 am

Way to go Jane. VEry happy for you.

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Re : woww...

Postby kara » Fri Sep 03, 638619 7:05 am

WOOHOO!!! Congrats! I know it's been a long and emotional process for you. You deserve it.

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Re : woww...

Postby denise » Fri Sep 03, 638619 5:07 am


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Postby jsu_work » Fri Sep 03, 638619 1:00 am

Hi all,
I know I've been sweating bullets and they are about to continue and I wish that I could write that my big wowwy moment is pregrancy.. But that isn't it. I have my RN offically. Yes I graduated in May but then I took the N clex (It has an 80 percent first passed rate.) I did it!.. I did! I did!
I have an agency that hired me to work with kids and adults. I can't wait to learn.... er i can't wait to go to phipps and get dressed too. I bought this wonderful outfit that I am terming a belly dance outfit.
Thanks for all the support and I'm bound to ask a few more questions

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