Facebook anyone?

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Re: Facebook anyone?

Postby OurAngelNoah510 » Sat May 07, 639887 12:40 pm

I am as well. You can look me up. Kristin Lichtefeld

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Re: Facebook anyone?

Postby EmilyBear » Wed Sep 22, 639582 9:29 pm

Hi there,

I'd love to chat on Facebook. I'm under Laura Rattray (Cornwall, Ontario). I have a wedding photo with my hubby and puppy.

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Re: Facebook anyone?

Postby LauraBeck12 » Wed Jul 11, 639579 11:45 am

Laura Beck Clerc

But FYI for anyone who hates politics- I am on a MISSION to keep my Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan that I have through Obamacare. So i support Obama and follow politics very closely on facebook. If this would offend you in anyway- take warning! ;)
Laura Beck, mother to Our most cherished Love - Our son- 8/1/11- 8/4/11
severe swelling and increased blood pressure started between 20-22 weeks. (ignored by medical professionals)
was finally clinically diagnosed with severe pre-e at 27 weeks.
spent 2 weeks in hospital.
He was born at 29 weeks, at exactly 2lbs. classical incision c-section.
He lived for 3 days in the NICU , autopsy said "lung failure" was cause of death.


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Re: Facebook anyone?

Postby ChanzeHNewman » Sat Sep 21, 639557 3:46 am

Kimberly Tischler Newman is my name on facebook. My picture is my sons footprints... see yall on facebook!
Benjamin & Kimberly Newman
Ryan Rey Zarate 10/04/1996 born at 836pm no PE
Chanze Hunter Newman 01/27/2012 born @ 253pm flew to heaven to be with God and family members @ 305pm from severe PE Trisomy 21 with VSD, at 23+5
Big brother mommy and daddy miss you every moment.... 13 mins was not long enough but we know we get eternity soon.

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Re: Facebook anyone?

Postby brianned5 » Sat Jul 13, 639557 3:05 pm

Brianne Helton on facebook.
Brianne (28) DH (29)

(DD) Kylie Nicole ~ July 13th 2008 to July 23rd 2008. Born at 25w2d due to severe preeclampsia and hellp syndrome.
1 pound 6 ounces, 12 1/2 inches.

(DD) Kyndall Hope - September 21st 2009. Born at 36w3d. 5 pounds 2 ounces, 18 inches. PE FREE

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Re: Facebook anyone?

Postby momof4as » Sat Mar 30, 639557 9:12 pm

I'd be totally lost without facebook...lol lots of pics on there....including ones of this baby and my last one that this forum helped me get through.

You cant search me because I have it blocked but the url is

Joy and DH-Ron
Mom of 4 A's
Andre'-14, Amber 9,
Aidyn 1, born at 35 weeks due to PE
Aeryn due 6/8 diagnosed with PE again.


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Re: Facebook anyone?

Postby spearss91 » Wed Feb 28, 639551 1:30 am

ya why not i am on the facebook and i love FB...

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Re: Facebook anyone?

Postby caryn » Sun Nov 12, 639256 12:26 pm

Steffens, you are hiding! Facebook tells me you don't exist. Even with the email, lol.
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Caryn, @carynjrogers, who is not a doctor and who talks about science stuff *way* too much
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DD Bridget born by C-section after water broke at 39 weeks after a healthy pregnancy

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Re: Facebook anyone?

Postby steffthomas » Sun Nov 12, 639256 8:15 am

Steff McElwee Thomas here ! though typing my email might be easier stoeffaunnie@hotmail.com

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Re: Facebook anyone?

Postby christina89 » Mon Feb 29, 639244 11:43 am

I'm on fb too! Kristina ducharme I think I'm the only one. I'm from canada so that should make it easier

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