Goliath... our dog past away

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Re : Goliath... our dog past away

Postby cindyh27 » Sat Nov 15, 637997 7:30 pm

Rosemary and Cindy,

Thank you so much for your kind words….

That is exactly how I feel…. I’m so depressed… and I can’t stop crying… I asked my mom yesterday how long it would take… she said she still grieves for her dog that she lost 2 years ago…

Goliath was such a special puppy… last of the litter… no one wanted him because of his white nose… it’s considered a flaw in that bread… we thought it was quite endearing… we loved his white nose, white chest, and white socks… My husband said he always thought I would trade him in for the dog… Goliath and I cuddled every day… I brushed him everyday… every time he would drink from his water bowl I would clean it out and get him fresh water because he was such a slobber boy…. All little things that I dearly miss…

We’ve talked about getting another Mastiff… we are thinking spring… It makes potty training a little easier (on me) when there isn’t a lot of snow on the ground… when we got Goliath it was winter… he loved the snow… about 5 days before he passed away we had a snow storm… I’m so glad he got to play in the snow one more time…

Thank you again for listening and understanding my heartache….

Take care,

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Re : Goliath... our dog past away

Postby cindync » Sat Nov 15, 637997 4:30 pm

Cindy, I am so sorry about the loss of Goliath. He was so young....just a puppy. Your tribute to him is beautiful.

You will find it is very hard, and takes a long time to get over. I lost both of my newfoundlands 9 days apart over the summer, I was very depressed, actually really depressed. No one understood. Not even my husband. They were old, at least. Chester was 10 1/2 and Madison would have been 11 on October 24th--very good for such large dogs. Madison was my first very own dog. Their urns and pictures are right behind me right now on the fireplace mantle. They were wonderful dogs. And very very missed.

To ease my pain, I wanted another newfoundland right away. There is a breeder about 1/2 an hour from me, they had three just turning 3 year old retiring champion show dogs, I wanted one so desperately. And since they were retiring from the show ring, the breeder wanted me to have one, to go to a good pet home, but my husband did not want another newfie. Sometimes I go to visit the newfies and play with them.

I now have a 12 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, and he has eased my heartache considerably. I needed something to fill the void.

Many many hugs to you and your family.

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Re : Goliath... our dog past away

Postby rosemary » Fri Aug 18, 637995 4:42 am

Cindy...I am so sorry that you lost your sweet Goliath. People who don't have pets sometimes have a hard time understand how you can love an animal so much - and how much a part of a family they become. You and your children are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Re : Goliath... our dog past away

Postby cindyh27 » Thu Aug 17, 637995 1:43 am

Thank you so much everyone for the kind words… You’ve brought tears to my eyes…. I’m so heartbroken … the girls are taking it really hard too… Goliath use to walk them to school in the mornings… they’ve been out of school for the last 4 days for UEA… I’m hoping they won’t cry when we walk to school tomorrow… it will be strange…

He really was a “Gentle Giant”…. He loved the kids so much!

I never thought to have blood tests done on Goliath…I just trusted the vet…. I wish we would have gotten a second opinion sooner…

Thanks so much for caring… If Goliath were here today he’d be sitting right next to me while I type this all to you… he never left my side when I was home…

I feel very blessed that I had the chance to be his mommy for a little while… he was a wonderful puppy who will be deeply missed…

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Re : Goliath... our dog past away

Postby mnmom » Sun Aug 06, 637995 1:55 am

Cindy, I am so sorry. Big hugs.

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Re : Goliath... our dog past away

Postby heather j » Sun Aug 06, 637995 1:05 am

(((Cindy))). Losing a pet is so horrible; ours are aging and it makes me sad to think about it. I remember your posts about Goliath. How are your girls handling it? I'm so sorry!

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Re : Goliath... our dog past away

Postby aundapenner » Sun Aug 06, 637995 1:01 am

Oh Cindy I am so sorry to hear of the loss. And he was very young!

We have 2 dogs, but on the "other" end of the spectrum - chinese cresteds, each weighing less than 5kg (~8-10 pounds). They are our babies and I cannot imagine your loss.


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Re : Goliath... our dog past away

Postby sonja » Sat Aug 05, 637995 11:30 pm

((((Hugs)))) to you.

jana m
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Re : Goliath... our dog past away

Postby jana m » Sat Aug 05, 637995 8:30 pm

I am so, so sorry to hear your sad news. I have a dog too and she is my first baby and a very important member of our family, so I can only imagine how devastating this is for you and your family.

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Re : Goliath... our dog past away

Postby michelle_chandler » Sat Aug 05, 637995 8:06 pm

Cindy - What a handsome fellow - so sad..((HUGS)) to you.

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