Blast from the past !

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julie f
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Re : Blast from the past !

Postby julie f » Fri Nov 03, 2006 02:14 pm

Hey Stranger!! It's good to "see" you around!

Your kids are beautiful! Your daughter has the most gorgeous eyes!

As far as the asthma and pe - I seem to remember that preemies are at a higher risk of asthma but I'm not sure about preeclampsia specifically. I'm sure someone will be on soon with experience.

Take care and keep in touch!

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Re : Blast from the past !

Postby deerhart » Fri Nov 03, 2006 01:27 pm

The only correlation I have heard of is in premies due to being on a ventillation. TOherwise, family history of asthma is more likely to produce asthma in your kids.

We worry Mason has asthma due to a couple of things (suddenly becoming out of breath while running, lots of coughing and OHHH he has allergy shiners right now). About 75% of my mom's family has asthma and I developed it in my teenage/early twenties.

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Blast from the past !

Postby meljoi » Fri Nov 03, 2006 11:40 am

Howdy girls......
I haven't been to the forums in a loooooooooong time. I think about you all often-but with the craziness that is my life, I barely have time to sit and read e-mails. That being said I wanted to stop in and say hello, update those who know me and ask a health related question.

Peyton is in Kindergarten now and doing exceptional. He's doing so well that they will be testing him for the gifted and talented program in December for first grade.
Lucy is doing great as well. She can keep up with big brother (which is no small feat). She's potty trained (has been for quite some time now). I have managed to get her off the breast (standing ovation PLEASE!) during the day and now I am just a human pacifier at bedtime. Other then that-she's great......

My question is-are there any PE babies out there with asthma? I know I read out there somewhere, that PE babes are more likely to get Diabetes and Asthma. Peyton is just getting over a severe bronchial infection-it landed us in the ER on Tuesday morning because he was coughing so much he couldn't stop to catch his breath. After his chest x-ray the doctor informed me that his right lung was inflammed and then inquired about Asthma in the family. It does run in my family, my mother has been an asthmatic since her mid 30's. We were told to really keep our eye on him and not let him get himself too out of breath....hmmmm, he's an almost 6 year old boy! Pretty hard to do. Anyway, just wanted to see if there is in fact a correlation between the two.

Here are a few photos!

thanks to you all-
fill me in on what's going on with you all!

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