Bedrest suggested...

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Re : Bedrest suggested...

Postby expert on call » Tue Oct 26, 2004 12:36 am

Bed rest is often used as a treatment for a wide variety of symptoms including hypertension. Since mild hypertension is often one of the first signs of preeclampsia and the disease can progress VERY quickly, many physicians will prescribe bed rest at what seems to be a very low blood pressure. You can definitely check with your doctor about it, but it does not sound unreasonable to continue with bed rest at this time. Remember that it only takes two measurements of high blood pressure to be officially diagnosed with hypertension. I would err on the conservative side and continue with the bed rest.

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Bedrest suggested...

Postby a21tiger » Mon Sep 20, 2004 05:27 am

I had two readings within the last two weeks that were close to 140/90. They did a series of tests and told me everything else like protein looks normal to borderline normal, yet the midwife still recommended to the doctor that I be put on bedrest, I did not even see the doctor, she talked to him at the nurses station down the hall. I am 32 and 1/2 weeks and work in a doctor's office. The nurses there have been taking my blood pressure twice a day for the last two weeks, and it has never been as high as when I am sitting in the OB-GYN's office. I offered to the midwife to keep a record of my blood pressures and she said that would not be useful. I think as long as I am having it checked at a doctor's office and recorded, that the doctor should be able to allow me to continue working for awhile. Maybe I could leave work if it reads over 140/90 and go home and rest for the day. I just think it is extreme to say I have to be on bedrest for 6 weeks, just because my feet are swelling and my blood pressure has been high twice. PLEASE HELP!! **

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