concerned about unconcerned doc

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Re : concerned about unconcerned doc

Postby expert on call » Thu Aug 26, 2004 03:58 pm

What is your BP now? If it was 187/118, this is severe hypertension. It is dangerous. If it has come down, it will go up again. Headaches are serious; abdominal pain is serious.

Your brown urine could be dehydration. But it could represent blood in the urine. If it is blood - this is very serious. They can test with a dipstick.

You have severe hypertension (187/118). Technically, you do not have preeclampsia - your protein is < 300 mg/24 hours. BUT - you have severe hypertension and you will have more proteinuria. With 2+, the 24 hr urine WILL be high. 2+ is certainly preeclampsia!!

How is you baby? growth on US? NST? fetal movement?

What to do:
• If BP is as high as this reading (or even close) you need to be in the hospital on on MgSO4.
• If the brown urine is blood, you need to be in the hospital.
• Bad headaches, nausea and vomiting or abdominal pain are serious.

So - you need to be in the HOSPITAL. Ask to be seen at a hospital with an NICU. If all else fails, just go the the L&D at the local hospital that has an NICU. ***** is in Lebanon. University Centers are always good when you are sick. Take care of this today.

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concerned about unconcerned doc

Postby ophelia2684 » Thu Aug 26, 2004 11:12 am

I am 33 weeks with baby number 2, I have recently been hospitalized for a bp of 187/118 and had a 24 hour urine which came back 169. i then was called into the office yesterday due to swelling of my hands/face severe headaches and pain in my back on the left side at the base of my ribcage, at that time they did a urine dip that came back +2. I was sent home with another 24 hour urine, and instructions to call if things became worse, my doc is not being very helpful and keeps going back and forth about seeming concerned and then totally not concerned.. could someone please tell me what is going on??? does this sound like pre e? the other thing is my urine is almost brown even though i drink almost a gallon of water a day.

thank you..


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