question about repeat 24 hr urine

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Re : question about repeat 24 hr urine

Postby expert on call » Tue Sep 14, 2004 08:16 am

The upper limit of normal protein excretion in preganancy is listed as 300 mg/d, but in reality all clinical laboratories should set their own upper limits for pregnancy, as techniques to quantitatively measure protein in the urine may vary from lab to lab. However, for practical purposes, this is borderline proteinuria, and its appearance in late pregnancy (you did not mention your gestational week) fits the technical definition of preeclampsia. However, we treat patients not definitions, and proteinuria per se is not major determinant of fetal or maternal risk. It is the other aspects of pregnancy that will be closely watched by your caregivers (the course of BP, hematological, liver and renal blood tests, tests of fetal growth and well being, other signs or symptoms that suggest progression of preeclampsia) and not the 326 mg that will determine their course of action.. A blood pressure in the 140/80s mm Hg, alone, would lead most to continue such pregnancies to term, if no other problems arose, again the proteinuria per se not determining delivery indications.

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question about repeat 24 hr urine

Postby kristy » Fri Aug 13, 2004 06:46 am

I was preeclamptic with my 1st child and my protien levels were 332, my bp was raised and i had swelling. My bp has been fine this pregnancy until a week ago, but haven't been getting too high, they did a 24 hr urine and it was 348. They want to repeat a 24 hr urine in 4 wks, and plan on inducing in 6 wks, due to my horrific labor exp with my daughter and my bp getting out of control at 36 wks. Is there a chance my protien will lower, and if it doesn't but my bp doesn't ever get as high but stay in the 140/80's am i still considered preeclamptic?

Thank you![:D]

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