lab values

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Re : lab values

Postby annegarrett » Thu Jul 15, 2004 06:58 pm

You have every right to be concerned. Just the fact that you had it before is sufficient reason to see a high risk specialists for confirmation that all is well. To find a specialist who studies hypertension in pregnancy--look at or the websites. Your doctor may be doing everything right--but you are entitled to hear that twice so you can be reassured. Preeclampsia can and does strike in the second pregnancy--almost always to people who have had it in the first. Let us know how you are doing.

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lab values

Postby jpw1978 » Thu Jul 15, 2004 10:05 am

Hello, I am 27 weeks preg. with my second child. I was dx. with preeclampsia at 32 weeks with my first child, and put on modified bedrest. He was delivered at 37 weeks, due to poor biophysical profile. My mother had full blown eclampsia with my sister and was extremely ill. With my second preg. I started noticing signs of preeclampsia at about 25 weeks. I brought issue up with Dr. he was not concerned. i have pitting edema in legs, not feet and ankles, my hands are swollen and some days my face is puffy. No high BP, (did not have high BP with child #1). I persuaded dr. to perform a 24 hour urine for protein. Total protein was 222, acceptable values are between 0-165 MG/24. Creatinine clearance was 175 normal 70-110 ML/MIN. Creatinine normal values. I spoke with dr. he is not concerned at all. I am not feeling well and I am worried that he is not taking me seriously and using kid gloves. Should I be concerned. I need the opinion of someone else. Tx. Jenn

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