New here, scared to get pregnant again

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Re : New here, scared to get pregnant again

Postby expert on call » Sun Apr 13, 2003 10:19 pm

MTHFR defects fall into a classification of problems known as thrombophilias. These are genetic conditions which predispose patients to developing blood clots under certain circumstances. In addition, many of these diseases have been found to be associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes, including increased rates of stillbirth and preeclampsia. However, there is no clear treatment for the problem. Many physicians advocate using aspirin and heparin to treat these patients, but it is not clear that this regimen actually works to change the outcome of the pregnancy. If you are truly concerned and feel that your doctor may not be entirely familiar with this problem, you can ask to be referred to a high risk obstetrician for a consult. A hematologist can help also, but may not be able to answer all of your questions regarding pregnancy in this condition.

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New here, scared to get pregnant again

Postby brindyshelby » Thu Apr 03, 2003 11:06 am

Had pre-eclampsia with my 1st pregnancy. My Dr. was awful. I switched Drs. My new Dr. discovered I had an MTHFR defect. He told me I guess we will see what happens with the next pregnancy. Are you considered high risk then? Should I get another opinion? Should I be seeing a hematologist. I asked my Primary Care Dr. to review my results and she said that was out of her league to go back to my OB, who does not really have any answers either. PLease help.[V]

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