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Re: partner 27 weeks pregnant and developed preeclampsia

Posted: Sun Nov 23, 640206 12:01 pm
by caryn
If you can, I'd answer the door to the neighborhood kids and explain, something like "Mama is pregnant and sick, and our doctors say she needs to have a quiet house all day until the baby comes - and we need your help with that. Can you help us by playing outside until after the baby comes?" With kids, getting them on your side as helpers gives you a lot of leverage.

I'd definitely talk to a counselor as well as the MFM team you've probably got - the high-risk docs can coordinate with her psych providers to smooth things along. There's a lot of PTSD in the population of preeclamptics and that's really easy to trigger in someone with BPD if I recall correctly. Getting everyone on the same page will help.

Re: partner 27 weeks pregnant and developed preeclampsia

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 640206 8:27 pm
by MomTimesThree
I'm very sorry to hear you and your partner are dealing with pre-eclampsia- an extremely serious condition. It would not be the "bad guy" to limit the neighborhood kids. If it's uncomfortable to set the limit I would tell the neighbors it is doctor's orders. The doctors said, she can not do X,Y,Z so for now kids will have to stay outside. Has she been put on bed rest?

In regards to her BPD, it may also be important to relay this info to her counselor/provider team to create a plan for navigating the increased stress.

Keep posted as you're able,

partner 27 weeks pregnant and developed preeclampsia

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 640206 2:23 am
by josh_g
So my partner is 27 weeks and has most of the symptoms of preeclampsia. She already has a son who is 7 and had preeclampsia in that pregnancy but not until around 34 weeks. Her mum had preeclapsia when she was pregnant with her and her grandma when she was pregnant with her mum so I guess it runs in the family. We lost our first baby at 7 weeks but didn't find out until the 12 week scan as it was a missed miscarriage. She has a condition called 'borderline personality disorder' and gets very stressed over the smallest things. We have a house full of our neighbours badly behaved kids daily because we both find it so hard to say no to them and this is causing her and myself so much stress. She gets lumbered looking after them all day when I am at work and her 7 year old son is also a handful to look after.
I don't know what to do to keep her from getting stressed out I know the kids being in the house constantly has to stop. Should I just be the bad guy and tell them all they have to play outside now? I don't know what to do I'm worried sick about losing this baby aswell but if things carry on the way they are she is only going to be getting more and more stressed out?? :/