Generally Concerned - looking for info

Are you worried about your partners pregnancy? Has your partner already had preeclampsia? Do you have advice for other dads who could be going through similar experiences as yourself? Post here!
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Re : Generally Concerned - looking for info

Postby anathor21 » Thu Jul 14, 2005 04:52 pm

Thanks for all the references and info - will take time tonight to review more closely. From a quick scan it seems I have given an incorrect impression about how things are going now with #3 - we are currently NOT in the PIH category, rather BP is quite good, but it is slightly up from beginning (i.e. now reading approx 130/80 vs pre-pregnancy of 115/70ish - not sure of exact pre-preg reading as I'm not looking at written record... ). So, it's up SLIGHTLY, but not yet enough to be of "real" concern except that it seems to be mimicking last time... (with #2 we were doing great until week 30 where it only took a week from first "better start watching BP" reading to necessary delivery)

Just wanted to clarify so later posts won't cause additional confusion.

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Re : Generally Concerned - looking for info

Postby laura » Thu Jul 14, 2005 02:05 pm

Hi Anathor,
I just wanted to say hi and say that I'm with the girls- repeat preeclampsia, increasingly severe preeclampsia often tends to indicate an underlying disorder that is probably triggering things.

I had my first after severe preeclampsia at 35 weeks, and then developed hypertension around 24 weeks with my second; it became clear that I have underlying chronic hypertension and aging and the stress of pregnancy was uncovering it.

Best wishes to you guys and good luck!

rachel a
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Re : Generally Concerned - looking for info

Postby rachel a » Thu Jul 14, 2005 01:52 pm

Just wanted to add my welcome and ask:

Is your wife being treated with antihypertensive medications?

I understand what you mean by "watch close and monitor". It felt so absurd to me that the doctors would simply hook me up to IVs and machines and just watch. However, this is the course of action--

I too am wondering about an underlying disorder, such as an autoimmune disorder, chronic hypertension, or thrombophilia. Did your wife ever have tests to check for these? Any preconception consultations?

I will be thinking about you and your wife and praying for a safe delivery for mom and baby boy.

Please update soon.

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Re : Generally Concerned - looking for info

Postby catherine » Thu Jul 14, 2005 01:06 pm

Hi, welcome on in. Gordon who moderates this section should be along with some very practical advice and major insight for you fairly soon.

Yeah, the search issues are tricky here, I suspect it's because the postings have expanded exponentially in the last year or so.

Quicky responses to your questions:

1) Best answers from MFMs and specialists who have made research and treatment of hypertension in pregnancy their focus.

2) Yes, if basically you're describing hypertensive issues in all prior pregnancies. That might point to some underlying condition that might predispose your wife to these issues. Examples of this include chronic hypertension, a thrombophilia, an auto-immune disease. Sometimes if these factors are recognized it can influence the treatment, for example, women with chronic hypertension are more likely to be managed with BP meds than women who don't. This is because studies show that while the hypertensives receive a benefit in terms of longer gestation, neonatal health etc., the data doesn't support this for women who aren't. I think that it's not unreasonable to anticipate that you might have some issues in this pregnancy and the whole watching and monitoring thing is really the best, if most infuriating, answer.

If you start rooting around right in this forum you'll find this started by a fellow dad. His wife had a history of progressive PIH issues over the course of several pregnancies and is an interesting (if occasionally infuriating and scary) insight into how a family manages their way to the finishline complete with healthy baby and mom.

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julie f
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Re : Generally Concerned - looking for info

Postby julie f » Thu Jul 14, 2005 12:53 am

Hi and welcome! I'm sorry though for your wife's troubles with this pregnancy. I am so happy to hear that your baby girls are doing so well after their rough starts.

I'll try and help with what I can!

1. As an engineer, I think you'll be sorely disappointed in the lack of solid numbers... [:0] Some women who are "supposed" to get it again don't. Somen women that it seems should do just fine end up right in the thick of it. Here is the best link I can give you, it's from our Ask the Experts Forum, it doesn't differentiate though between # of pregnancies: ... erms=sibai

2. From my personal experience only - in my 2nd pregnancy, I was on bp meds, so I'm not sure what my bp would have been at 26 weeks had I not been. I do know though that my bps started out a bit higher in the 2nd pregnancy and, I went into it already spilling protein. I truly think every pregnancy is so different. It could be that your wife's bps are high this time, but remain stable. It could be that she is spilling protein this time because of kidney damage sustained in the last pregnancy.

3. I had always heard this as well -- "Don't worry, if you get it again it will be later and less severe..." Unfortunately it does not seem that this is a fact. There was a great post about this by our Founder, Anne, a while back. I will see if I can dig it up. If you look though, at the link in #1, you'll see though that because your wife had PIH at term, her risk factors were lower than someone who had it earlier.

Has your wife been tested for an of the underlying disorders that can be associated with an increased risk of preeclampsia? (Blood clotting disorders, autoimmune disorders, etc.) Also, is she seeing a high-risk OB right now? How often is she being monitored? Is baby receiving extra monitoring too?

I wish I could be of more help. You are right, it is so frustrating that there are so many "what ifs" and unknowns...

Please keep us posted, I pray that yall are able to bring a full-term healthy little boy home. Congrats on the boy by the way!

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Re : Generally Concerned - looking for info

Postby kdreher » Thu Jul 14, 2005 12:41 am

I can't provide answers to all of your questions - I do want to offer my welcome and support and encourage you to stick around as you will find a lot of info out. A few others will chime in shortly, I know...we are here to help. Is your wife being seen by a perinatologist at all? Don't think in terms of what the nurses say. I had eclampsia and HELLP set in at 26 wks with my first pregnancy - very sudden - and here I am 10 yrs later trying to get pregnant. Peri has said about 5-10% chance of getting HELLP again and up to 30% chance of some form of PE. I have no underlying factors and really it is a guessing game.I will be watched by OB and peri. I really don't think we can compare one pregnancy to the other as some women here are like me and have had a loss, but gone on to a PE free second pregnancy. The unknowns is what really bothers many of us because we can not find a common link. Feel free to post your questions I said welcome, I'm glad that you are interested in your wife's care and congrats on a baby boy on the way. Keep us posted.

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Generally Concerned - looking for info

Postby anathor21 » Thu Jul 14, 2005 08:10 am

Hello - just found this site this AM, interesting reading and I expect to be here a lot over the next few weeks at least...

First daughter was induced at term due to PIH onset at about 38 weeks, ended up c-section and everyone went home happy (minor drama only)
Second daughter was deliverd at 31 weeks due to fetal stress as a result of PIH/PE that came on in a matter of about a week (at least the BP/protein spilling only showed up for a week) - at slightly under 2.5lbs she was quite a scare for a while - not going to bore folks with too many details, but everyone is doing well now.

We're approximately 28 weeks into pregnancy #3 with a boy on the way (whew! only have two bathrooms...). Things are going well - the comparison in "stats" (BP/Weight gain) between this pregnancy and #2 are very interesting as they seem to be very much in line. (Slight drift upwards, but not dramatic or enough to be classified as PIH)

So now the questions (knew I'd get to this eventually) that I'm trying to find info on.

1) What is known about liklihood of PIH/PE in the third pregnancy after two prior experiences with it? Can anyone point me to some good research on this (I'm an engineer by training so I like numbers :) ).

2) What, if any, value is there to comparing stats between pregnancies? i.e. can the slight increases in BP that seem to mirror prior experience be considered significant?

3) When #2 was born several nurses made statements along the line of "wow, #1 had PE very late? it's unusual to have it come on earlier in next pregnancy" - is this just some sort of nurses urban myth or is there anything to this? Naturally with the two data points I have a hard time not drawing unplesant conclusions.

I'm interested in hearing from folks in the know - Frustrating that it seems so little is concrete about predicting/managing PIH/PE - getting the standard "we just have to watch closely and monitor" doesn't give the engineer in me much to hang my hat on. (Perhaps that's why I'm not a doctor).

I apologize if there is a faq/forum here with all the answers to these questions, I tried searching the forum and got database timeout error messages and my browsing didn't find much (a LOT of posts in forums is good, but makes a bit of a haystack for me to search)

Thanks in advance.

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