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Re: #4 on the way - stats question

Posted: Sat Aug 02, 2014 04:38 am
by heather j
Hi! I just had our fourth in February. My first was PE/HELLP with delivery at 36 weeks, second was elevated pressures toward the end but no PE, third was an absolutely perfect pregnancy, fourth went really smoothly and I delivered four days prior to my scheduled c-section at 39.3 due to fetal indicators (HR was dipping a little too low with contrax). I did LDA and lovenox with 2 and 3, but nothing with 4. I say - prepare for it; if it doesn't happen, fantastic! Even after a great third pregnancy and knowing odds were in our favor, I still expected it around every corner. Best wishes! Four's FUN. :)

Re: #4 on the way - stats question

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 10:16 pm
by MomTimesThree
So thankful to hear that despite pre e your Lil ones have been born healthy! It is most common in a first pregnancy.

Having a history of pre-eclampsia, even with an "easy" pregnancy in the mix puts you at higher risk for each pregnancy. So you'll still want to be cautious and get some baselines- like a 1st trimester 24 hour catch. Sometimes after pre e pregnancies we can spill a Lil more protein than the average mama- so a baseline lets your doctors know later on if there's a big rise from your baseline.

And I'm sure you know the signs and symptoms backwards and forwards- but be sure to review so you can be on top of everything- and at the end of the day hopefully it's all for not!

Keep posted as you're able! :)

#4 on the way - stats question

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 06:19 pm
by cc
Hi ladies! I'm 8 wks with baby #4. My short story is #1 had pre-e at 35 wks, bed rest, induced at 37 bc it wasn't working anymore. Post partum pre-e with mag/sulf. #2 same as #1 minus the pp p-e. #3 a few high pressures but NO pre-e! Amazing. Does this usually mean that this time should be smooth sailing as well? Or should I prepare mentally for that "just in case" situation? Thanks!