First OB appointment!

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re : First OB appointment!

Postby heatherbbb » Sat Oct 07, 637037 11:15 pm

What a great start! Doesn't being proactive add so much hope?! I hope you have that 6 or 7 lb baby. He or she would probably seem huge after having a 28 weeker. Good luck.


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Re : First OB appointment!

Postby mada » Sat Oct 07, 637037 10:54 pm

So glad you are getting this proactive care!! That's wonderful!! And a fabulous BP too!!!

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Re : First OB appointment!

Postby denise » Wed Sep 27, 637037 11:18 pm

That's great your appt went so well! Good luck with the rest of your pg. Can't wait to hear about your next visit![:D]

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Re : First OB appointment!

Postby suzanne » Wed Sep 27, 637037 3:51 pm

Hi, Rachel! It does sound like your dr. is being throrogh---that's great! I hope you can have a VBAC. I had one with my 2nd pregnancy, after also having an emergency C-section due to severe PE with my first. It was such a contrast and was wonderful! This time around, I have a feeling it will be a C-section again, due to more complications, but I will always be glad I did have the one VBAC. I have heard that the pendulum is swinging in the direction of less and less VBACs, however.

I would also vote for having a home BP monitor! They gave me one right away with my 2nd pregnancy, and it was quite a comfort. My BP really never got bad with that one. This time, it has often been a problem, and I would have been a wreck without a home moniter! The NP who works with my dr. did advice to not take my pressure tons of times a day unless I had reason to think there was a problem, and during the "good times" I did only take it a few times a day. But so many times when I was worried as I felt swelled, or just didn't feel right, taking it and getting a good reading really calmed me down. But I can understand not having one if it really would drive you crazy, as long as it somehow gets checked pretty often, like at a drug store or something!

Best wishes to you!

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Re : First OB appointment!

Postby tracey » Wed Jun 17, 637035 3:59 pm

So glad to hear your appointment went well. That's great!
I don't get to see my peri until 12 weeks ([:(]), so in the meantime I just see my family doctor.

You, of course, know yourself better than anyone so you obviously know what's right for you, but I have to say, I'm with Julie: I NEED to be able to track my own bp. Not in an obsessive way...I just like to be able to have that daily reassurance that all is well right now. [;)]

Can't wait to hear more in the coming weeks!

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Re : First OB appointment!

Postby aimeejane » Wed Jun 17, 637035 10:08 am

Rachel, that sounds like a great appointment! Congratulations on finding a practice you're so happy with. I was excited to try my VBAC, too...although my doc was very strict ahead of time: "The minute I see your BP going up, you're going to the OR." LOL

As for the BP monitor...go with what makes you comfortable. For some, it will drive them crazy; for others, it will mean peace of mind.

GOod luck!

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Re : First OB appointment!

Postby tanya » Wed Jun 17, 637035 9:30 am


So glad your appointment went well. I also am trying the positive thinking approach this time. It sure couldn't hurt anything!! Good luck to you!!

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Re : First OB appointment!

Postby julie f » Thu Jun 04, 637035 10:57 pm


So glad you had a great appointment and glad you liked the staff!

This is of course a non-medical opinion but, I don't know that I'd pass on the bp monitor. I'm sure some might drive themselves crazy but, you might find that it also can be a bit reassuring. I love being able to know that for now, my bp is reading great and, I'm confident that I'll know when that changes. Anyway, just my opinion on that!

Again, so glad you had a great appt!

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Re : First OB appointment!

Postby wcarder » Thu Jun 04, 637035 10:35 pm

YAY! That is great news. I'm so glad your docs are so pro-active, and that you are feeling so positive about this new PG. GOOD LUCK! Hope you have a LONG pregnancy, and a fat, happy baby! (;
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First OB appointment!

Postby rachel » Thu Jun 04, 637035 9:32 pm

HI everyone! I had my first appt. yesterday with my new high-risk OB-GYN. (Actually, I didn't meet her, she was out delivering a baby, but I met her nurse practitioner.)I was very anxious to talk to them, and see how they would handle this pregnancy, with my pre-eclampsia background, and the Factor V Leiden.
Anyway, she was very efficient, and definitely seemed like she knew what she was doing. She ordered a 24 hour urine, and said they would do one at least every month, along with blood work, to keep on top of all my levels. They're referring me to a perinatologist to go over everything, and get started on the Heparin, although she thought they wouldn't start the shots until 13 weeks.
She told me not to get a blood pressure monitor at this time... she said I would drive myself crazy. (very possible!!) Oh, and my blood pressure was 114/66, so I was thrilled that I'm starting off so great!
They're going to let me try a VBAC, so I'm excited about that. Of course, that could change quickly if pre-e sets in.
I'm feeling really positive about this pregnancy, and so hopeful that maybe I'll make it to full-term this time! I can't imagine having a 6 or 7 lb. baby!
My next appointment is in 4 weeks, so they're being pro-active, but also treating me "normal" at the same time!
Anyway, I was excited and wanted to share!

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