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Re: 30 week OB appointment

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 639579 2:53 pm
Wow 30 weeks!!! That is a dream come true for me!! Sounds like things are really going great this time! I understand your concern over the percentile thing, I am in the same boat. At 22 weeks my baby girl was almost a pound and 30th percentile, then at 25 weeks she was 1lb 6oz and 27th percentile. My 1st pregnancy I delivered at 26 weeks and by then he was 7th percentile. I would for sure push to have another growth scan sooner, remind your doctor of your past and that you must have it done sooner. I have heard that for the most part unless they should fall under 10th percentile most doctors don't worry. Heres to many more weeks of going and growing for us!!!! :)

30 week OB appointment

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 639579 11:33 am
by sckitzo
I am so blessed to have made it this far! Everyday counts as you all know! Today I am either 30 weeks or 30+4 depending on the hospital I ask. But either way I am 30 weeks, not even my dr was very sure I would go this far. My appointment yesterday was great. I am on the low end on my weight gain, but within normal, this is a first for me. Normally my hyperemesis makes it impossible to gain enough weight. Now that my morning sickness is mostly (still have my days) I have been packing it on. Externally I measured where I should and on my 28 week ultrasound she was 2 pounds 4 ounces. This put her at the 34th %. She was at the 49th% at 24 weeks so that has me a little worried. Dr does not think that I need another growth ultrasound until 34weeks. I think it would be reasonable to have one again at 32 weeks because my daughter was born at 33 weeks and was the 3rd % at 3 pounds 3 ounces. So they think she stopped growing around 30-31 weeks based on her size. So I think I will fight him to try to get another ultrasound. So far no swelling, pain or headaches. My BP was 116/67. I could not ask for any better. I still get freaked our about every little headache or sometimes she will freak me out when she is probably sleeping. I am just a ball of nerves, but trying to relax. I hope all is going well with everyone else.