14 Weeks and BP Is Already High

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: 14 Weeks and BP Is Already High

Postby riehlism » Wed May 09, 639551 3:05 pm

My first pregnancy didn't go so well and we lost our son when he was born at 24 weeks. After that I worked with my MFM and OB who came up with a plan for me that involved aspirin, Lovenox shots, and all the other popular stuff ladies are getting these days.

In my experience, I started the baby aspirin prior to being pregnant. I suspect it's because I had severe PE and HELLP, they wanted to be extra cautious. I didn't get a chance to see my MFM until 13 weeks, who promptly started me on daily Lovenox shots. I had a planned C-Section at 37 weeks with no preeclampsia, HELLP, or even blood pressure issues.

In the beginning my OB suggested just the baby aspirin and he would defer to my MFM for any medication that is more invasive--Lovenox. When I consulted with my MFM prior to being pregnant he agreed that only aspirin would be needed. When I saw him at 13 weeks he changed his tune and added the Lovenox. Throughout the pregnancy he also tweaked the dosages here and there.

In your post you discussed your OB. The first thing I would do in your situation is try to find an MFM. They will be more knowledgeable about whether to medicate or not, and what type(s) of medication you will need. They just have much more specialized training in high risk pregnancies like ours. I would start there.
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Re: 14 Weeks and BP Is Already High

Postby libby123 » Tue Mar 13, 639551 5:05 pm

Blood pressure is a funny thing because it can go up at the doctor's office just from being nervous about the reading! I recently went to the doctor and my pressure was 150/102, however I take it at home every day (usually multiple times) and it is always in the 120s-130s over 70s-80s. It also went up at my mother in law's house (stress, lol) and went back down again once I was home. If I took a high dose of a beta blocker, I would likely faint because it would go too low.

The body is a constantly changing organism, and blood pressure and blood sugar can change a lot over the course of a day.

So my advice would be to stay on top of things and monitor it at home. It is very unlikely to be a pre-eclampsia issue because it almost always affects women after 20 weeks. But if you are concerned, go ahead with the 24 hour protein test and also monitor your BP at home.

I wouldn't take any medications or aspirin without first speaking with your doctor. Beta blockers need to be very closely monitored as they can be dangerous to you and your baby if taken in the wrong dosage.

Just because you had pre-e with your first, doesn't mean you will have it with your second so try to stay positive and think the best. You may not have to go on any bedrest at all!

Hoping for the best for you! Hang in there!
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Re: 14 Weeks and BP Is Already High

Postby caryn » Sat Feb 17, 639551 2:49 pm

Dang, are we having more lost post issues? Some of mine have disappeared into the ether recently but I thought the tech guys had fixed that...
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Re: 14 Weeks and BP Is Already High

Postby mychaelelaine » Tue Jan 02, 639551 3:42 pm

I just posted it was deleted. I don't have any answers or advice, just wanted to wish you luck. I lost my 1st baby on October 17th, 2011 due to preeclampsia and HELLP. I am hoping to become pregnant very soon, just need to get my bp normal asap. Anyway, I hope you get some great advice and have an uneventful pregnancy! :)
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14 Weeks and BP Is Already High

Postby Bmommy » Sat Dec 23, 639550 1:15 am

Story: we are 14 weeks pregnant with our 2nd baby and I am already having BP issues. I developed PE with our 1st baby in the 3rd trimester and delivered via emergency C-section after being on hospitalized bed rest for 4 weeks. She was 5 weeks early and, thankfully, completely healthy, didn't even go to to the NICU! However about a week and half ago my BP started going up. We have been going to OB every 2 weeks because I initially had a bleed that was causing problems. It has been absorbed by my body but now I have the high BP. The highest reading thus far has been 152/101, which occurred while at our last appt. It dropped to 138/86 within 30 mins. Since the bad visit, my BP's bottom number has stayed in the 86-99 range, and the top number between 130-150. I only have high BP during pregnancy but it does run in my family. Also, we will be doing a 24 hr urine test to get a baseline before our next visit.

Worries: I'm worried about the pending bed rest and how my 2 1/2 year old will cope. Of course worried about this baby's health. Worried about the financial aspect of long-term bed rest and hospital bills...

Questions: I have been reading about baby aspirin, and calcium pills, blood pressure meds etc. But my doctor has not mentioned any of these. I plan on bringing them up at the next visit, are there any other questions I should ask?

Thanks for any help,

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