Geting steroid shots @ 27 weeks??

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Re: Geting steroid shots @ 27 weeks??

Postby libby123 » Sat Jun 24, 639262 4:12 pm

I was actually relieved to get the steroid shots at around 30 weeks (I don't remember exactly when I got them) because I knew it was a proactive step in growing my baby's lungs a bit more in case of an early delivery! I agree, most doctors would rather just get them and be safe. I didn't deliver until 36 weeks, but pre-e is tricky like that, it can come and linger and be mild or it can suddenly turn for the worse and need immediate delivery. It is very unpredictable, so its very good to get the shots just in case.
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Re: Geting steroid shots @ 27 weeks??

Postby aajatwins » Fri Jun 23, 639262 3:25 am

We just had someone else ask about the shots, but a little different question. My twin boys got the shots at 30 weeks when I went into preterm labor. I went to 36 weeks. They typically don't give the shots to anyone who is 32 weeks or more, so I'm guessing your OB just wants to get them on board due to you showing signs before 30 weeks. If I were the doctor, I'd do it if I thought there was a chance you'd go before 32 weeks. But I'm not a doc! Just saying, I think many doctors would rather have the shots done just in case. No one can say when you will actually deliver, but it should put your mind at ease that IF you should go early, you'll have the shots on board. 36 weeks is not super early and my boys were 6lbs each, but neither had breathing issues at birth other than breathing too fast (he was mad because he was hungry!)
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Geting steroid shots @ 27 weeks??

Postby #3-at-30 » Thu Jun 22, 639262 10:57 pm

Well I just got discharged from the hospital on Thursday for high bp's ( highest in 2 days was a home reading of 160/104, dr office it was 158/100) and all the PE symptoms. During my stay, I was dipping trace urine. THey did a 24 hour urine. Dr. came in to talk to me before discharge, said that I do have some protein, and asked to confirm I will be 27 weeks next week. She then said she wanted to start steroid shots for the babies lungs. I am FREAKING out!!! My ob is so laid back, I can't really tell how bad this all is. And of course I was so excited to be discharged, I forgot to ask what the protein levels were. I am so mad at myself about that. But I am guessing that I am heading down a path that is concerning to her, or she would not have brought the shots up.

I have had PRE-E before, but never had issues until the end and delivered delievered 6lb-7lb babies. For all of you ladies out there who have had the shots, can you tell what to expect- as in- do you think delivery will be soon? Will they give you the shots even if there is a chance of going to 38 weeks? The thought of these shots does not do any justice to my BP. I realize you can't read her mind, either, but any info/experiences you can give me would be great!

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