7 weeks and having swelling/vision issues

Are you pregnant again after having preeclampsia once already in a previous pregnancy? Post your thoughts/concerns here - there are others who share your feelings. This is also the home of our Bedrest Buddies Support group.
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Re: 7 weeks and having swelling/vision issues

Postby laura » Mon Jul 31, 639256 5:18 pm

Yup, my docs also indicated that hypertension prior to 20 weeks would be triggered by underlying chronic hypertension, rather than PIH/PE.

And- on a personal note- these sorts of pregnancies are too stressful to go with doctors you don't feel are responsive to your concerns. Really, in my own case, when I felt that way with pregnancy #2, I ended up doing consults with docs until I felt comfortable with the treatment plans. If you do it in your first trimester, it is a lot easier to change than if you wait til 2nd or 3rd. And being that you have a history of prior preeclampsia and you have chronic hypertension, you have reason to be careful about who treats you. I think when I was interviewing docs, they thought they were doing me a favor by downplaying the risks and not seeming concerned, but all it made me feel was that they weren't going to take me seriously. Sometimes being straight and expressing that can help, too.
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Re: 7 weeks and having swelling/vision issues

Postby caryn » Mon Jun 26, 639256 6:32 pm

If your pressures rise this early in pregnancy, you're generally considered a chronic hypertensive even if your pressures are normal outside pregnancy. Your immune system responds to the foreign placenta in a way that also elevates your blood pressure. The other symptoms - vision changes, swelling, elevated pulse - are common in pregnancy, even early pregnancy, so they may not be worried about them even though you're miserable!

Docs are cautious about scripting blood pressure meds early in pregnancy because they don't want to risk lowering your pressures far enough that the blood low to the baby is compromised. There's no evidence bp meds - or any other meds - affect risk of PE at all, and your pressures aren't so high that they're worried about stroke risk.

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Re: 7 weeks and having swelling/vision issues

Postby riehlism » Sun Jun 04, 639256 1:42 pm

I feel like I need more information. You said your BP is currently 145/96. Are you a chronic hypertensive? What is the timeframe between pregnancies? How was your BP behaving in between pregnancies. Preeclampsia is typically a problem that occurs in the 2nd trimester. At 7 weeks, this may just be PIH. In any case, meds should be offered in my opinion.

Remember that swelling does not mean preeclampsia. Swelling (edema) is a secondary symptom of high blood pressure. High blood pressure means increased extracellular fluid--hence the edema.
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7 weeks and having swelling/vision issues

Postby jellybeanjea9 » Sun Jun 04, 639256 9:52 am

I went in for my first doc appt to do paper work and was sent to their clinic because of a temp./vision changes/ swelling in my hands. Once at he clinic they sent me home bcause the doctor said its to early to be diagnosed with preeclampisa that I must be 20 weeks or later for one. I just dont feel right and I dont know what to make of it. My bp is still high 145/96 but they are waiting to start me on bp meds. I must hit 160/100 to start. They also said working out is fine too. I told them my heart rate reaches up to 180 and they said its fine. I feel like I'm a big joke to them and am just over reacting. I had to be endused with my son at 36 weeks after being n the hospital for two weeks proir after my 24 hor urine test came back high. Am I just hyper sensitve right now to my body?

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